Oct 16, 2011

The Outside World


I wore this to a TV Guesting over at ANC's Shoptalk to talk about Glitterati and our part as one of the fashion concessionaires on an upcoming major endeavor over in the South. I decided I needed to be a bit covered up as it was a guest spot in the country's top news channel (think CNN of the Philippines) and so I decided to wear a semi-sheer covered all up blouse, a studded belt and a beige ruffled skirt which screamed a bit of my personal style despite the major coverage.

Imagine my surprise when I was thinking all along I was heading to a taping when it was announced 20 minutes before the show that this particular show was airing LIVE. I panic-ed big time but took a deep breath and just let it happen. Here are some photos...

And on TV.....


  1. Love how you styled your sheer polo with lots of necklaces.. :) I wanna watch the actual interview!! Do you have it on youtube?

  2. I wanna watch it too! You look so smart and chic JL! :)

  3. YAY! I was able to watch the interview :) you look so gorgeous and cute!! <3


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