Oct 13, 2011

Getaway Weekend: ACUATICO

Weekends are when I hibernate.
True to my weekday warrior mode, I usually go into hiding like a hermit on weekends. Usually I spend my days in bed, resting away the gruesome work week that passed but the past few weeks, I find myself out of town, traveling to the beach (on off peak season as the typhoons have been back to back here) and just tanning away. A few of my friends already took notice of the fact I am a bit tanner than I usually am (read: porcelain white China doll) but anyway, before the unnecessary babbling, let me show you some photos of my Acuatico Beach Getaway from 2 weeks ago....

Pre-Acuatico Breakfast was WAFFLES at PANCAKE HOUSE.
(NOT a smart idea before heading to the beach!)

Escape from the flurry of a bustling city and the stresses of the daily grind.
Here on Acuatico's shore, you will find solace. Here, where you will feel most alive.

I am a beach type of girl rather than the pool. I usually laze around by the pool but swim in the beach (I am just a beach baby at heart!) The beach in LAIYA is not bad. It was actually quite fun!

We stayed at the ESTANCIA VILLA which was the biggest villa (in terms of accomodation) as it can accomodate a max of 6 people (although the villa can definitely be for about 12 people as it is very big)... Estancia features a private lanai, a loft and its own view deck. It is ideal for families and small groups as it has three rooms, 2 of which have queen-sized beds while another with a twin bed. It has a living room where the family can gather, your own balcony deck and another one on the ground floor where you can get a view the pool, 2 LCD TVs, 2 telephone units, and a common bathroom area with two showers and toilets. The pit of the villa were the bathrooms as they were too SMALL. (I am very prissy about bathrooms) but the peak of the villa were the accommodations and the service. I loved it!

Family Living Room

The Master's Bedroom in the first floor.

The upstairs room.

The twin bedroom at the first floor where I stayed and which I shared with my brother, Enzo.

I dub my brother Enzo as the Scott Disick of the Philippines as he is uber chic going to the beach. So very Scott.


Sarong: from abroad | Bikini: Glitterati | Feather earrings: DIY

Seriously. It can't get better than that. It was absolutely amazing and is the main attraction of Acuatico. Here are some (read: A LOT) of photos

Isn't the pool just to die for? It features an infinity pool, a kiddie pool. a mid height pool and a bar by the pool where you can sip on your drinks while swimming.

Obligatory vain shots by the beach.....

Acuatico at night....

The OCEANO restaurant was quite delish... they offer a la carte and breakfast-lunch-dinner buffet options for the getawayers.

Breakfast was of course my chance to eat like a construction worker----

All in all, it was a great getaway weekend.... I felt very refreshed and well full after! Just the way vacations are supposed to be!

My I don't want to go and leave face!


Acuatico Beach Resort is located 140 km (87miles) south of Manila and lies on a brief stretch of Laiya’s famous 4-km beach in San Juan, Batangas, one of the Philippines’ most popular vacation destinations. Roughly about a three-hour drive from Manila, it is the only exclusive luxury resort of its kind in Laiya with fully furnished Balinese-inspired modern villas and rooms that can accommodate a maximum number of 70 guests. All of these open to spectacular views of either the mountains or the sea. Since it opened in 2008, it has become a preferred holiday destination among local and foreign tourists. In 2009, it became the third most searched “local travel destination” according to the 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist, which compiles billions of Google searches.
Acuatico is a member of the Association of Laiya Resorts Owners (ALRO).

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