Jul 22, 2012


Graphic Print.
(Shorts: Glitterati x Only The Marvelous |  Shoes: DAS | Jacket: Wisdom | Corset: Glitterati | Bag: Parisian | Necklace: Fashion Galore and +Ruckus | Bracelet: Extreme Finds)

Not quite in a chatty mood, pardon my penchant for being a woman of few words, which, hey, happens once in a blue moon. But this is due to my overwhelmingly itchy and red face and neck due to my allergies which have now progressed to my torso and my arms and legs. It's funny how a dash of an allergen can cause a severe reaction which left me grounded...for a week. Enough of the dilemma- let me explain my outfit for a bit. This was what I wore to the first day of the much awaited and extremely successful SuperSale Bazaar at the World Trade Center last July 13. It was a 3 day affair and this is Day One.

By the way- I forgot my Earrings are Only The Marvelous accessories too- they're pretty woven thread oval earrings. 

Check out my shorts--- they are awesome. It has a 1950's feel- it's garterized and therefore Free Size and the print selections are awesome. I felt comfortable wearing this pair! I love the combination of blue, khakis, purple and violets too! My bag was designed by my friend for Parisian shoes and bags and I love the color!

For the outfit, I am wearing Glitterati on Glitterati with this shantung silk black corset with a deep-V cut detail which adds to the appeal of the look. I then added a special piece which I sold and produced recently at the bazaar. It's a pair of shorts which are just to pretty and its available in a wide array of prints by the way for only P400. (Introductory price at the bazaar was P300). This is actually one of the firsts of hopefully many Only The marvelous x Glitterati collaborations which I hope to pursue in the future... it's budget friendly, retail-ready and is definitely something I would wear. Threw on a snakeskin effect leather jacket for drama and my favorite brand of sky highs from DAS. 

Hope you like it! More on SuperSale bazaar in my next few posts!!!

Hot Haute Pants for only P400 by Glitterati x Only The Marvelous 

 Print Names: 
TOP- Dainty
Bottom (L-R): Neon Animal Print, Graphic Magenta, Graphic Green, Graphic Purple

 TO PURCHASE THE HOT PANTS, fillup an order form at http://shopglitterati.com.ph and indicate you want to order the Only the Marvelous x Glitterati shorts.  Indicate the style you like!



xx, JL

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  1. Love d shoes wats ur shoe size?


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