Jul 3, 2012

Fete Rouge x Flique

I loved you with a fire red.
(Top: Zara | Brocade Pants: Zara | Necklace: Furla | Bag: Gucci | Shoes: Zara)

I rarely get to go to events anymore (by my standards I mean which used to equate to 4-5x a week). Now I go on a maximum of once a week, and that would mean that it's a good week. I don't quite know how this came to be but I reckon the socialista in me went into hibernation and turned into full blown hermit mode and I gladly traded in my stilettos for Pajama twinsets. But I vowed to change that and try as I may, it does still take a lot of insisting (on my friends' part) and resisting on mine to drag me out of my Tempur matress and cozy enough I can live here four poster bed. 

On one night however, there was a trifecta- a restaurant opening, a magazine anniversary party and a brand new magazine launch, and I thought, what better way to relaunch/ make my night owl debut than to attend all those? I admit to only making it to two (given my penchant for perpetual lateness) but I realized after attending these events that going out on a night out will take me 2 days to recover from it... given I never sit and insist on dancing the entire night- in my 5+ inch heels- to say the least. I guess the signs of aging have finally come to me and I can't just be the party hopping buzzerama girl I used to be. Once in a while is good. 

I attended the MEG Magazine (by Mega Publications) Anniversary in 7th High which was appropriately themed Fete Rouge- and since I am one who can never resist going all out on a theme if specified, I went Lady Dragon in all red with turquoise blue accents to cool down the rather fired up ensemble. 

✎ Ra-ra-red. Nothing completes a red outfit more than red lips.

 ✎If you must do red on red: mix texture, shape and shade and break the monotony with a contrasting color like blue or something  in a cooler shade.

  ✎Write this down: A tip to those not blessed in the top area like me- skip the straight cut tube tops. If you must buy one (or four for me as I got this peplum top in all colors), add a sweetheart cut detail like I did by sewing the middle area with a bit of ruching. It does wonders, trust me on this!

 Cat eye ☑. Pulled back perfect bun ☑. Viva Glam Red lips ☑.  Bronzer ☑
Party's here times 4!

✎Excessorize: Break the monotony of the look by wearing contrasting colored pieces so as not to look like a walking crayon. Incorporate these hues smartly through your accessories. 

✎Tailored brocade trousers are hard to come across which is why it is essential to fit them. My pair was quite loose (even if it was the smallest size available) since I basically should be shopping in the kids section but when you do come across a pair that fits you perfectly, the same rule applies with shoes- buy it in ever color!

✎Every well heeled fashionista lives by this adage: "The higher the heels, the closer to heaven." But if you have not lived at least 1/4 of your life in platforms (like me), I would advise comfort over style. Nobody wants to put baby in the corner just cause her feet hurt. 

Photos from the MEG Anniversary:
We were Red Hot Chili Peppers, I must say.
That's just my obnoxious way of saying we were hot tamales btw. 

I then headed to party it up some more to Flique Magazine's launch at Opus where me and my friends danced to the nostalgic tunes of the '90s, partied it up some more and of course loaded up on some cranberries as it suited our outfits (not that we needed a reason anyway).

Photos from the FLIQUE Magazine Launch:
Snaps to the team for a groundbreaking first issue and an awesome launch party- entering the world of fashion media with a big bang!!!!

It was a good night. I enjoyed immensely but I put back my high heels in my shoe closet and saved the party party for the next time. For now, I'll settle for my training gear and rubber shoes! Till the next event, anyway, which is soon!

xx, JL

PS: Get your copy of Flique Magazine and feast your eyes on the amazing fashion filled pages!

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