Jul 25, 2012

Ten Things To Remember and Live By When Your Feelings Have Been Trampled On

Just a little something I want to share- not fashion related- as I believe in developing inner peace and despite certain occasions and events that have led me to believe otherwise, I still believe I live in a great society with nice and decent people.
I choose to be optimistic. Victimized but still optimistic.

Ten Things to Remember When Your Feelings Have Been Trampled On

1. Whether it’s a family member, somebody at work, your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, a mere hater who is ruining your life, or your ex-best friend who’s hurt you badly, put yourself in their shoes and treat them the way you would want to be treated, even if they don’t deserve it.

2. If you’ve heard something you didn’t want to hear, remember it may not be 100% true. So lighten up. If it’s not urgent, put off thinking about it for a couple of days. Forgive the person who wronged you; don’t forget, you’re doing this for yourself, too. Prove to yourself that you can practice what you believe. Try to be as understanding of others as you would want them to be of you.

3. There will always be losers and winners. Act according to how you want to feel about yourself when all is said and done. Don’t judge what others do if you don’t want them to judge you.

4. Remember, what other people do is their responsibility. Don’t let them cause you to carry a grudge and let their actions weigh you down.  They are not responsible for your actions, no matter what they do. You are.

5. If someone has said something untrue about you or done something intentionally to hurt you, wish good things for that person – even if you don’t feel like it. Ask for them what you desire for yourself, and it will draw those things to you.

6. If you’ve made a mistake or disappointed yourself or others, apologize quickly and earnestly; that’s all you can do. Let your remorse teach you how to have compassion for others when they make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, even though we all try to be. If someone can’t accept your apology, that’s okay, too. Just do the right thing and go on.

7. Talk less and listen more; you could learn something about others and about yourself. If you feel like yelling, go outside and throw rocks on the cement instead. Take a walk or, better yet, sing . . . it will put a melody back in your life.

8. If you think someone is making fun of you or someone you love, disarm them, not with your fist, but with your best smile. Give them something they don’t know how to give. Speak to them; be bold. Ask that they be blessed and you’ll be blessed, too. Forgiveness is a powerful thing; it will help your body and soul.  
Don’t let anyone cause you to act the way they’ve acted toward you, and remember that they have a right to do whatever they choose also.

9. Don’t hide your hurts and pains and feelings inside where they will harden your heart. Use common sense and understanding to process them. Don’t react just from your feelings; respond with maturity rather than childish habit. You won’t regret it.

10. Get in touch with the person you want to be and become that. Listen to your heart… you can find the answer there to every question you have. Remember, no matter how you’re treated, just treat others the way you would want to be treated when your feelings are getting trampled on.

xx, JL

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