Jul 18, 2012

The Fashion Olympics aka. The Preview Annual Best Dressed Ball

Athletic Chic.
(Top and Skirt: Glitterati | Shorts: Nike Pro Combat | Shoes: DAS | Accessories: +RUCKUS, Anthology | Bag: Mango Touch)

One of the much awaited nights in the local fashion industry scene would have to be The Annual Preview Best Dressed Ball. Year after year, the wonderful team behind Preview Magazine comes up with outrageous one of a kind and severe themes that everyone who graces the occasion is expected to adhere to, work and more so, make FIERCE. From memory, I remember their Barbie theme, Alexander McQueen theme, U.K. High Street Theme and Coco Bananas '70s theme last year. This year the theme was to be garbed in Athletic Chic Fashion. People in the fashion industry, particularly fashionphiles always try to outdo themselves from the year before and I was no exception. I arrived in full combat gear- ready to run the world with my ensemble. 

As they say, "Fashion is a game.... and we all have to make our own rules." Being that I am all about fashion + fitness, I found it rather funny as I am either decked out in my fashionable self or dressed down in my athletic training gear since I hit the gym 4-5x per week. I found the theme too easy as I have a closet full of sports gear- from sports bras, hoodies, pumped up kicks- but I wanted to go against the normal route of taking the theme too literally, style it up and made it uniquely my style.

I know, I know, people who know me would know I absolutely have no sport. I could not shoot a basket, hit with a racket or spike a volley without hurting myself or worse (and it did already happen) someone else. I am a klutz in the athletic department and sporty is not exactly a word I would use describe to myself. (Case in point: I am exempted from P.E. and attended modifed P.E. in my college days due to various health reasons.)

 As Amber, in '90s Cult Hit Clueless said, "I can't involve myself in activities where balls are flying over my face." I am traumatized by my magnetism to get hit many times with a ball the moment I step into any kind of court that I avoid sports as much as possible. However, not wanting to be such a sedentary person, and given that I do love being fit and fab, I have been undergoing extreme training at the gym for 3 years now. I started with barre3 (a combined 60 minute session of pilates, yoga and ballet barre) and then progressed to TRX and Circuit Traning. Now I lift weights and an astounding amount of twitter and instagram followers of mine would know that at one point they were surprised at how strong I am when it comes to lifting kettlebells, dumb bells, barbells and doing full and side planks, which I religiously post on my account. In a sports bra, jogging pants, matching rubbershoes, nonetheless. Being that I am a gym junkie, I decided combat gear with my own twist was the best way to go.

And so I created this outfit. The pop of neons with the accessories were there to add a bit more sporty fluoro feel to the look. But the clothes, designed by me for Glitterati, provided the sporty edge I needed, with a bit of an apocalyptic, modern Barbarella feel. 

When it comes to fashion, I have to say, its best to put your best foot forward, and as for me: GAME ON.


xx, JL

 Me + My Plus One, my boyfriend, Inigo
 I am one proud girlfriend.
I am so happy I got to bring my boyfriend to the ball as my plus one as he is currently based in Malaysia! I must say he looks dashing and debonair in his suit.
I, of course, being the dutiful girlfriend, also doubles as his "personal stylist slash shopper..."

...And now a photo of Enzo and Domz...
(It was nice to double date and not to be the third wheel again with them this time...)

... i love the two of them as a couple so much!!! 
Our Little Group, aka. The Alphas.
Domz, Enzo, me and Inigo.

 (Photo Credits: I stole these from Lexi, Anton, Stylebible.ph etc.)



One last look.....

Post Ball Food Trip at Nolita...

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