Jul 9, 2012

All of the Dreamers

You only get what you give.
(Top: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Blazer: Zara | Pearls: Mikimoto | Bag: Hermes)

A rather corporate and formal look with the peg "respectable Ladies who lunch" for a corporate event where I was to honor the attendees to give a nerve wracking speech to welcome them to the event. I wanted to be subtle, classic and elegant thus the ensemble.


  Since I was young my parents always instilled in me the precious value of giving back. Not to expect anything in return, not for recognition or for self-validation (ie. to make myself feel good for doing so). but simply because as Christians, that is what we should do. Generosity and charity may come in different ways and forms- it can be through big gestures and the smaller everyday ones, which try as I may, practice ever day. When it comes to the bigger picture, I always never deny trying to do my part which is why when my father approached me to be the Executive Director of a Scholarship Foundation we were to put up, I was more than happy to agree of taking such a big role and responsibility. Suffice to say, the position required more than just standing still and looking pretty...it required actually believing in the organization, laying the ground work and building the foundation of the organization and  of course drafting and determining the core values, mission and vision for organization, which I, as Director was assigned to do. I have to say, writing a check is easy and people prefer to go such route when it comes to their charities as to avoid the knitty gritty. I prefer to take a more proactive role and when I do lend my name into something, I guarantee to put my heart and soul in that project which is why it was such a special occasion to get to award our scholars from Luzon (I sadly missed the Visayas awarding) their scholarship grants on a very special day at The Tower Club in Makati. It was truly an unforgettable luncheon and i was humbled to be given such a wonderful opportunity to give what I can to those I can help.

Photos from the Luncheon:


xx, JL

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