Jul 31, 2012

Fix You

Top: Apartment 8 | Tanktop: Mango | Leggings: Zara | Shoes: DAS | Bag:  Tonic | Accessories: Gold Couture 

So I was sick. I had to go to the hospital for a checkup turned into three checkups. I was feeling blue and under the weather but still how I managed to walk in these 7-inch blue wedges which I so love from DAS is a mystery to me and to the doctors I met up with. Although I have to say I did change into flats later as I was injected and treated for allergies...Walking in a zombie like trance like state IN THESE SHOES?
..... I don't think so.


So when you ask me why I do things in unconventional ways... you'll all know my answer: "It's because I can."

We live in a society of "experts" and people looking for experts. Unfortunately, the two groups fit together quite nicely. Also unfortunately, the fit never works. The dysfunction causes problems on both sides. The "fixers" really want to have the answers. They love the glow of being the "expert" and most do sincerely want to be of help. The power in the role is quite seductive, especially when so many are begging for them to have the answers. The "to be fixed" desperately want to believe that someone- anyone- must have the answers because they know they don't. And, what a risk it is to be responsible for themselves when they are so sure that they don't know what they need to know. 
And so the dance continues.

I am no longer afraid of anything. It was like the thing people had said about belief. The belief is sometimes the biggest part of it all. You can choose to believe in your published book being held in the loving hands of strangers, your name tattooed forever on the heart of the one you adore; you can choose to believe in tiny red-haired pesk piskies - all the things 'they' may tell you not to believe in. But who are they anyway? What do they know? What makes them any more real? And now, I realized, I am telling you to believe. I am telling Belief itself to believe.

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