Jul 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love these brands and their products. 
Definitely some things that lift my mood and I want to share them to all of you....

So, here they are... 

1) I am a certified make up junkie. Shopping for makeup, trying new products and building quite a collection makes me happy. This is why I love these products from The Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione, they have products from international brands like Model's Own, Mememe, Lime Crime etc.

2) A fairly new brand making waves in the industry is Naleigh Moon and I am beyond honored to be chosen as one of the bloggers they want to wear their products and I will definitely wear it loud and proud. I love their collection of accessories and dresses. Visit Naleigh Moon now and shop away!!!!


A personal fave: this backless LBD with neon straps that make it unique and one of a kind... I can't wait to wear this!!!!!

3)ALWAYS A FAVORITE BRAND: Frou Frou Clothing.
I have always loved wearing Frou Frou as I find their designs unique and well very much in sync with my style. I especially adore the peplum vibe going on which is why I love these items....

A new obsessions of mine would be their McQueen-esque clutches! I have to get my hands on those!!!

4) Worn by Hollywood's most fashionable set, Book Clutches are definitely the "IT" bags for this season. I love how local brand, 37LA can provide these trendy bags at a reasonable price! Got a favorite book? They customize too!!! Now isn't that just a treat for your inner book worm?

5) Loco Hermosa which stands for Crazy/Beautiful is a new accessories brand I have quite developed a fondness for- I love their items and these neon accessories have got me psyched....

6) What makes my heart flutter? Inspired jewelry and accessories by Kat Ong for her brand FLUTTER which are just to die for. These pieces which are hand crafted and one of a kind are just definitely every girl's must have treasure. 

7) My inner rocker chic was brought out into the open by Copper, a brand that suggests edgy attention grabbing pieces that a girl like me definitely would want to wear. Check out their neon/fluoro pieces and studded bustiers.

 8) My neon chameleon obsession is definitely fueled by these neck pieces from Gifts Ahoy! I love their items and their shoes are amazing too!!!!

 9) Gold Couture is another favorite brand of mine for accessories. My friend and style sister Domz introduced the brand to me at the SuperSale Bazaar when she wore a recent purchase from their stall. I immediately knew I would love their items and true enough, I have grown quite an obsessions. My top fave: Coral + Turquoise hued pieces!!!!


10) I am a proud Apartment 8 Brand Ambassador. I chose to support the brand as I believe in it and love their clothing and accessories. I am so excited for the many things in store for the brand and am proud to be part of it as it unfolds!!!


 11) Another brand I am proud to be an ambassador for would be Zalora... which has taken online shopping to a whole new level and their wide selection of almost everything you need will make you come back for more---trust me I know, I've been hooked for quite some time now!!!

 PS: These J&M Flats I purchased from Zalora did wonders on my Casual Friday outfit as I finally found flats that did not hurt my feet at all!!!! I am so obsessed with these shoes, will definitely hoard all colors!!!

Check out my very casual look below:

12) Girlie Go has been a friend of mine since Circa 2004- when I was a frosh in College and i have been buying accessories from her since then! I am quite floored at how big the brand, Im. G is now--- and how absolutely obsessed I am still with her pieces...

 13) I received a very special package from Love Jane Clothing which floored me as it was so delicately wrapped and beautifully presented and contained a lot- A LOT- of pieces which I am sure to wear and love. It felt like opening a birthday gift to receive such a wonderful surprise!!!!

What was inside? Check out below...


14) Le Plume Accessories are a style staple and this YSL inspired ring is simple divine...I love it!

15) My ultimate splurge and favorite thing right now is this Jimmy Choo Star Studded Light Pink Solar Bag. It is a trendy departure from the usual classic bags I buy but sometimes, change and departure from the norm is a good thing.

Hope you enjoyed browsing through my favorite things... it is quite a visual feast... and definitely will have more to come....

xx, JL

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