Jul 9, 2012

Minty Fresh

Casual and Cool.
(Sports Bra: Nike Pro Combat | Top: Wisdom | Shorts: Bershka | Shoes: Zara)

Yes I was in these gorgeous ZARA flats for the day---I was that casual....

What I wore a few hours prior to the Preview Ball as I had to shop (last minute) with my boyfriend for a suit and suffice to say, we were like two chickens with their heads cut off running around the mall. I wasn't in the mood to be all that glam so I opted for a more casual and still sportswear inspired look. It was a wonderful afternoon of shopping, holding hands (cheesy I know!) and was capped off by a sumptuous late lunch at Cantinetta! It was quite funny how i did a carb overload considering I was wearing cut outs later that night!

Get the Look:

More of what I wore:

What we ate:

xx, JL

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