Jul 24, 2012

It's beginning to get to me...

Sometimes it's not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don't mean.
(Swimsuit used as top: Glitterati | Skirt: Fashion Galore | Belt: Forever21 | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Vintage)

An outfit which caused a lot of stir and drama on the day I wore it since (1) The top was too sexy, the back was too revealing (2) people don't usually dress up in one piece swimsuits for everday wear and (3) I have quite an ultra-conservative bunch of male people around me. But rest assured, I told them, I was not an exhibitionist and did coverup in a safari vest after all the whole day as my back was not prepared to be exposed unless at the beach.

Lower Body: I covered up with a chiffon mullet skirt with a two toned belt and my favorite all-day wedges, my Topshop Wisteria chiffon wedges which I can walk in the whole entire day.


 Early morning outfit post commotion turned into outfit resolution thanks to my favorite Mango beige safari vest which I have trusted a million times with my ensembles (Case in point: I pack this vest with me EVERYWHERE.). Anyway, suffice to say, I did not realize donning this look would cause quite an issue. Which makes me want to tackle this issue....

People  always ask me when is "revealing"... "too revealing"? Most of the time I do tend to ponder on where the line between sexy and slutty can be drawn. After quite a while, I realized I can't quite objectify it. The safe answer, I would usually whip back when asked, would be, 
(a) Leaving something to the imagination, 
(b) not showing it all
(c) covering certain parts of the body when revealing a specific one
and, d) choosing tasteful sexy pieces and presenting yourself in a clean and elegant manner

 I know, I know- that's quite cliche and used an infinite number of times. Granted that I am quite a fan of body con, cutouts, micro-minis and the self-proclaimed and self-named pneumonia dress, I am not exactly the perfect example of what all covered up would be nor am I one to judge. The thing is, as I have come to realize, revealing is too revealing when taken into certain context and applied on certain circumstances surrounding it. For instance, I would not wear this outfit to Sunday mass, lunch with my family or for a jolly day strolling in the park. However, I would not have reservations in wearing a body snug Herve Leger for a dinner party, cocktails or clubbing either, case in point, my leather harness + high slit ensemble for the Preview Ball which I wore confidently, by the way, as I deemed it "fit" for the occasion. I do believe in covering up most of the time but when occasion calls for it, I don't mind wearing strapless, backless or high-slit. It all boils down to 1) appropriateness- the place and time- you are wearing the said outfit, 2) intent- ie. "are you wearing the outfit to attract attention to your body?" vs. "are you wearing the outfit because you want to and feel good in it?" and 3) body type. All these I have to say can be controlled except the third, being a genetic thing and being so, this, I am afraid people cannot alter unless they go under the knife or some invasive procedure. 

In my case, I have to say I am blessed that I am not blessed in the body parts people would deem to be "assets" since I can get away with almost everything without being too obscene or branded as baring it all. I actually never thought I'd say this, nor would any of you, but I have to say I am quite happy with my non-existent curves, assets and bodily contours. People forget to realize body dysmorphic disorder is a major issue and that while being slammed for being too curvy is more on the front lines of body image issues, being slammed for being the opposite is just the same and it happens to a lot of people. It has certainly happened to me quite a number of times. True, I have had haters incessantly comment on how flat as a cork board or door I am, how my bones tend to pop out, and how my figure resembles a twig (and these examples are euphemisms by the way), but truth be told, I am ecstatic to be built this way and would not have my body shape in any other way. It's definitely something like a "get out of jail" free card for wardrobe conservative people since I can wear a tube top anywhere and get away with it without offending anyone. But at the same time, I have to say, I look up to curvy ladies who can pull off whatever they want with confidence and an aura of sophistication.

People, the press and media outlets have a lot to say about dressing up for your body type, what to wear on certain occasions, sexy vs. slutty and what not. I have my own opinions on the issue but would never force them upon anyone. As for dictating what you should wear... or not wear or what you should reveal and not reveal, only you have the power to decide on that, and well, when you do decide, wear what you want to wear with as much class, confidence and an aura of elegance that only comes from being happy with yourself within. 

xx, JL


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