Jul 6, 2012

Sugar We're going Down

Eye of The Tiger.

(Vest: Topshop | Sports Bra: Nike| Sequined shorts: Adidas | Shoes: Peanut Butter and Jeri | Bag: Louis Vuitton)

I felt quite bad-ass and wanted to dress the part so I decided to wear sports gear (also in preparation for the upcoming Preview ball) and since I work out at the gym like my life depended on it, I incorporated that in my style. Those who follow me in Twitter, Instagram or see me at the gym would all probably know how committed I am to work out and the gym life. I even make it a point to make my outfits look cute to motivate me to go- plus wearing a sports bra enables me and my trainer to correct my form and check to see if the right muscles are being engaged.

I wasn't all always about fitness and health. I was probably the most sedentary person in the world until 2 years ago and I got sick of yo-yo dieting and wanted a more stable way to keep the pounds off. I started with yoga and Barre3 then progressed to strength training and weight lifting. Truth be told, what started out as an aesthetic "I want to look good" cause transformed into a full blown lifestyle change where I discovered the health benefits of regular gym exercise, aside from achieving the body I wanted. I now train 4-5x a week with my trainer and do weights training with the use of TRX, Kettle Bells and Barbells. Suffice to say, I am stronger, leaner and healthier. Vanity aside, this fitness revolution I have immersed my life into is definitely worth it.
FASHION + FITNESS are definitely my top things right now.

This was a tough girl outfit, very different from the polished, sweet looks I know you are all used to but hope you like my style glamourous or knitty gritty.


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