Jul 3, 2012

Chain Reaction.

I am very much content with my life right now.

 To the people who were wondering what was up with me and my angst-filled wrath-infused entry or tweets three weeks ago, let me explain---sometimes, people just love to make your life a spectator sport and start wrecking it by bringing up certain issues that have been buried and do not need to be resurrected or relived. It was a totally depressing and degrading situation since these issues- I have decided to download and not be a part of and I felt a million times violated when someone just starts bringing it up for the public to see, more so, for those concerned to see. To hit below the belt, my sickness was turned into a mockery which I don't think in any given situation is acceptable. I would never mock anyone's health no matter how they have wronged me. I did not deserve that and my physical health, body and limitations should never be a topic of conversation for people especially sick perverts out there with nothing better to do. People find it easy to hide behind their computers and anonymously post mean and below the belt status messages but if they were in my shoes, I would want to see how "funny" being physically limited is. 

It took a lot to get over it. But I am sharing it to the world since I am not ashamed of myself and I truly believe I did not do anything wrong. Everyone has their own issues, their own weaknesses and own relationships that fall apart especially if they are exposed in such a public limelight in society. Nobody lives life without travail. I did, I do and probably will continue to have these. I only confided only to a small circle of people certain private details and facts about my life  and these were disclosed in the said statements made by this anonymous person stirring up drama , I guess that is what hurts most--that whoever did this was someone I was closely affiliated with and it was more of a blow given that I do not really trust people easily with these stuff. The question of who did that remains unresolved. The reason why someone hates me that much to do such is unknown.  But what I do know is that I am prepared to share my life with only a select few people, it's harder to trust I guess. I am prepared to take every insult heads up and with grace and humility and I will not let these tiny insignificant issues weigh me down or stop me from doing what I am doing. I treasure the things I love and am very passionate about life. I am tired of the many rumors since they have been following me forever.

 Every woman has a story and mine is still unwritten. Let us just leave it to that. The whole point of this blog anyway was this statement: "Only the marvelous has power over me and anything I cannot transform into something marvelous...I let go. NO MORE WALLS!"

I don't know about happily ever after but I do know about happily.


With that said, let me share my very laid back outfit for a fun, free, casual Sunday night out third wheeling yet again with my brother and his girlfriend my soul, brain, style sister Domz. For those of you who do not know my boyfriend is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so I do tend to third wheel a lot on my brother's and his girlfriend's dates. It is fun and I wouldn't have it any other way since they are both a riot to be with. 

 That Midas Touch.
(Dress: Mango | Shoes: Gold Dot | Bag: Gucci | Harness: Topshop | Bracelet: Topshop)

 I decided to live up to the saying 'All that glitters is gold' with this plain white linen maxi dress (I am still trying to squeeze out as much summer dressing as I can) accessorized with a wonderful gold accent chain harness which screamed Grecian Goddess that went perfectly with this finger link chain bracelet from Topshop (also) given to me by Domz. I decided I wanted to GO FOR THE GOLD and paired my beautiful mirror-ized Gold Dot Sandals with my Gucci hobo bag which I have not worn for quite some time.

Isn't the chain harness just a great accent piece?

 I am not much into hobos but this gold Gucci one is one I could work with.

Gold on Gold on White.

Such a an easy look to prepare and wear I loved that I didn't stress on it much as the movie we caught, Prometheus, was quite stressful enough.

For more GOLD, check out my newly renovated room which screams GOLD HUES all the way.

xx, JL

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