Oct 26, 2014

Locked In My Own Daze

I live in a generation where everyone always is all about what the new thing is. While I think that may indeed be a good thing, since having something new always means there is development and progress, I cannot help but think that sometimes, reverting back to the old, the tried and the tested matters too. I've heard it all happen over and over again, people complain about doing the same old thing. I don't quite know when it happened exactly when the "same old thing" became synonymous with "boring" and I know that such a generalization is absolutely false. I find comfort in the classics which is probably why I find rummaging through my mom's old clothes so much fun. Case in point: this dress.

Sheer Pleated Chiffon Dress with Embroidery: Vintage from My Mom
Ostrich Feather Vest: Zara
Neutral Antigona Bag: Givenchy
Pale Pink Ankle Strap Heels: River Island
Rose Gold and Silver Chain Watch: Charriol
Rose Gold with Amethyst Bangle: BVLGARI
Bracelet: Vintage
Pink Diamond Ring: My Collection

Now while I am all about buying brand new things, I always love reworking my mom's clothes and making it more modern. This particular piece, which I wore to a dinner in Lusso, received multiply praises and everyone was raving about how delicate and doll-like I looked in it and my aunts, uncles and cousins were surprised to find out that it was actually a dress of my mom's from the 1970s. It used to have these Victorian-style sleeves which I altered and cut off the dress making it a sleeveless halter style piece which is more me. Of course, I kept the vintage bohemian vibe consistent by adding this pale pink/ almost neutral feather vest from Zara (which I bought two years ago) and added complimenting accessories to get the look together. I know I am always about juxtaposing but for this particular dinner, I wanted to have one main theme and that of course revolved around the dress. I rarely go out anymore which is why it's nice to get to dress up for a change in something that isn't all work-wear. I love my job and I am so committed to it that most of my time revolves around it. Naturally, since I am so immersed in it, I forget to do anything else. I am way past the petty things like partying and having fun... my focus right now is on education, family and changing the world in my own way. I do think it's such a gift to have something that influences people to do good and to become better. I am not complaining because I do know what I am doing changes lives and that is ultimately the legacy I want to have in the world but it was nice to dress it up...once in a while. My grandmother, being the powerhouse and keen on memory person she is, instantly recognized the dress and knew the designer who made the dress and the particular occasion my mom wore it. I was so impressed that she was able to still know despite my minor redesign. 

A little restoration never hurt anyone. Sometimes, you need to work on things to make it better... and I can attest that I am the primary example or that. That's the nice thing about keeping certain trinkets and storing them as keepsakes. Of course, I am not encouraging hoarding here even though I have to admit that I have those tendencies but for delicate dresses like this one, it's good to keep them as a treasure and I could see the pride in my mom's eyes seeing me wear something she wore when she was in her '20s. I think when it matters, you'll know to keep it because one day, when you least expect it, it can be a treasure that you can hand out to someone else. 

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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