Oct 5, 2014

Call It Magic

Last Sunday, I got the great experience of attending one of my dearest College friend's wedding. It was beautiful. I always loved weddings. Yes, I am that friend who will gush to you about how beautiful you are, willingly come forward once all the single ladies are called out to catch the bouquet and actually stay, which qualifies me as the best wedding guest ever but the allure of it will never fade for me- no matter how many weddings I attend. Add to that the fact that I was born in the wrong time period and think wearing gowns and high heels should be my default outfit and my unwavering belief that it is really beautiful to see two people who love each other and want to publicly declare it have every right. As cynical as I may portray myself to be, I still do believe in happily-ever-afters and there is nothing like a lovely wedding to bring that out. So, on that day, I decided to be appropriate and finally wear this nude gown I've had in my closet for a long time... (to those of you who don't already know, I am that girl who has two closet full of gowns for no other reason than because I love gowns and always love having a dozen I haven't already worn yet... just in case.) Thankfully, I wasn't wrong and on this absolutely marvelous night, I decided understated and elegant was the way to go. The good thing is I also actually blended impeccably with the surroundings at the reception, which was in so many ways absolutely beautiful, by the way... the way I think all receptions are because they are filled with so much love and happiness all in one location.

Nude Draped Strapless Gown: Olivia and Fifth
Jewelry: My Collection
Gold 2.55 Reissue Bag: Chanel
Swarovsky Bedazzled Peep-toe Heels: CMG

I have been to countless weddings but the magic it possessed  never really faded away for me from constant exposure, if anything, I think it keeps on igniting the spark. I am genuinely happy for people I know, or okay Facebook reminds me I know, who are getting married. I do know for a fact it is such an exquisite gem to get to find that one person you want to be with forever and to have people you love and who actually really matter to you there to celebrate that is priceless. Without dredging too deep into the circumstances of my personal life, suffice to say that I am not anywhere close to getting married. But regardless of my matrimonial eventuality, I always get so excited- that kid-in-a-candy-store kind of exhilarated whenever I am invited to a wedding. I find comfort in seeing each sentimental, celebratory details that weddings afford time and effort in indulging in. With good reason that wedding was all that and more. It was festive and flawless and full of love. In all ways, it was the bright and glowing embodiment of their love for each other captured in a moment.

Being a romantic is not hopeless. Despite everything people can say about me, what they cannot doubt is my idealism and my stubborn  insistence that no matter what I am going through, I am going to end up happy and I refuse to let anyone tell me that I need to settle or to compromise. As you all know, negotiation makes me quietly sad and quite upset all the time. And even if I think a bouquet of Stabilo highlighters in all colors trumps a bouquet of flowers, I do believe that love is more than just faith, more than empty longing and more than empty wishes that are never fulfilled. I believe we can find the love we deserve if we know we deserve it and if we know we are worthy of being loved. It takes gumption to go get ourselves be loved and the moment we let ourselves refuse that, we deny ourselves joy and hope, we are allowing ourselves to stop striving and then we delude ourselves to thinking that we deserve pain and heartache. Demanding a love that we deserve helps us to demand a life that excites us and accept nothing less of what fulfills us. 

So here is to Char and Gem, their lovely and enchanting wedding and for sure...their even lovelier and magical marriage. 

And here is to those cynics, masquerading as realists who are secretly romantics... just like me. There is nothing hopeless about that.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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