Oct 29, 2014

My Altuzzara don't want none unless you've got Fierce Down

Okay, so I played around with the words of Nicki Minaj's song, Anaconda, but really, can anyone blame me? The lyrics are quite explicit so I don't think I can respect myself to put them as my blog title (although it does give you a severe case of last song syndrome after you hear it) and I knew I just needed to use the song as inspiration for this outfit... since it's snakeskin and all. I know it's a tricky print to wear but to be frank, this was actually my first choice when I saw the Altuzzara x Target look book and immediately phone my sister because I wanted to have it. I love animal prints but I wanted to give all that a spin and wear a snake skin print... for a change. My goal was to make it tasteful and classy and well, if you know me, I am always up for a challenge.

Leather Pencil Skirt: Zara (also worn HERE)
Emerald Green Clutch Bag: Vintage Christian Dior
Black Leather Ankle Boots: Altuzzara x Target
Statement Necklace: Pretty Little Blings

It was purely coincidental that when I happened to shoot this outfit, the backdrop resembled a jungle... which I must say, complimented the outfit perfectly. Thank you, nature for cooperating. I decided to be brazen enough and confidently wear this ensemble to work which is what I love to do and have been doing quite frequently. The sweater was perfect and I decided that pairing it with a leather pencil skirt was the best way to make it work-appropriate. I decided to not wear it with a brown snakeskin skirt as seen in the Lookbook because I think it would be too overwhelming and frankly, not my style. I paired it with the ankle boots from the same collection because it's fall and well, because I can and I wanted to, which in fashion, should be the only reason you should have. Everyone's taking themselves all to seriously when it's really just dressing up- wear what you want and rock it.

I was looking through my archive of outfits from 2011-2013 and my my, how things have changed. I used to be all about studs and grommets and going for the rocker chick vibe (which I think I still am, I just don't dress that part anymore). Now I am embracing the entire work wear mode, which personally, I hope you don't get tired of since you will be seeing more of it in posts to come. I would like to think that my readers and followers would evolve and grow with me and I am at that stage in my life that I am doing noble work for something I really believe in and I am fulfilled. Of course, I'll take on that role with style and sass which I always do with everything anyway. 

Nietzsche once said, "The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well as the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; the cease to be mind." You see, when you have the power to be accountable not just for yourself but for the society in which you live in, you might as well choose to do the right thing and change lives to be better. I always thought growing up would be weird but if you allow it to happen, you discover so many things about yourself. There are so many layers to each person and I think that opening oneself to new possibilities and potential uncovers them one by one. To integrate that with this outfit, just as the snake, we shed skin and the moulting occurs when we outgrow the old things we used to think were so important. This process of change may overwhelm us and it may impair how we see things which can lead us astray. One is most vulnerable during this process but we are aggressive enough to not get swayed by the pulls and pushes, we uncover a uniquely new layer to us that we never knew about. Allow yourself to remove things you have outgrown and open yourself to embrace the change. 

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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