Oct 2, 2014

So Adorably Clueless

Growing up, one of the most iconic movies I watched was Clueless. I read Jane Austen's Emma as a child and loved that Clueless was basically a modern day adaptation of that. It was the '90s version of Mean Girls and for nineties child, it was the movie to watch. I was so obsessed with it that I memorized the entire script from beginning to end. It was one of those "coming of age movies" that made 95% of the teenybopper girl relate to it. I mean, who could forget Cher Horowitz going, "As if!" and then copying it down to the very accent. So since it is Thursday and a big thing on Thursdays are Throw Backs- here's my version of one. I am in an outfit that is an ode and tribute to Cher's first look from the movie but this time, in pink because I didn't want to be costumey. (Exhibit A: Iggy Azalea in her Fancy music video already got it down to a tee). Well aside from being fancy (and you already knowing it,) I also have to go to work and while I did get the "why is your skirt too short?" comment from my dad which I was able to justify like Cher many times in the movie starting off with, "Daddy..." I am also quite proud of coming up with the ensemble as I always wanted to wear something like this. I mean, who wouldn't?

Beige Knit Sweater: Forever 21
Pink Chiffon Button Down Top: Massimo Dutti
Tweed Plaid Cheer Leader Skirt: Zara
Patent Leather Mary Jane Shoes: Zara
Neutral Toned Blush Antigona Bag: Givenchy

The best thing about being in one's twenties is that it's okay to admit that we actually don't have the answers to everything yet which makes us in a sense all kind of clueless. Despite the fact that the Summa Cum Laude in me would love to know everything, I have to admit that there is a certain kind of magic in trusting the unknown. I used to be really afraid of what I didn't know- as a control freak, that is one major source of anxiety. But then I got to thinking: since when did my generation (myself included) start buying the idea that there's only one way to do it right and that you have got to figure it out after college? And where did these ideas come from anyway? It is true that the unknown has always been a vague and mysterious place and we are so unsure of what lies ahead of literally and metaphorically when we accept that thought so we opt to take the roads more traveled. After all, it is so much more comfortable and safe where others have gone. Not knowing what the future has in store for you... whether it is in your favor or not... makes us all doubt ourselves and our decisions. We start to ask ourselves questions. If the odds are in our favor, are we truly ready for all that comes along with it? And if it is the opposite, are we willing to fill the space left in our lives for possible downfalls? 

We have been taught as we progress on to adulthood that magic isn't real. I find that the unknown is the closest to magic that we will have in this life. Why? Well because the unknown is in the everyday- the commonplace things- things that you, quite simply, never knew you would end up doing. The truth is that even if you let things fall into place, there will always will be what-ifs. It would be naive for me to say that the unknown always brings in good tidings. The thing is all things in life are not balanced out, but just because it isn't what you perceive as "good" doesn't make it any less beautiful. To be honest, the unknown terrifies me because I hate that I don't know if whatever it is will hurt me or help me. It is only natural to want to avoid anything that might threaten our ability to live the life we want. But things unfold on their own and if anything, you can find comfort in knowing that you and only you has the power to control how to face the outcome so never let your life be controlled by the inevitable because once you know how to use the unknown as a motivator, you will learn to be fearless. I am not advocating that everyone should embrace and welcome with open arms the unknown. Surely that would be foolish to impose. What I am saying is that we all have to be willing to accept the unknown for what it is and what it winds up being (which are two different things). And that's okay. Based on experience, the unknown won't always be what we expected it to be and maybe it won't be good or great but I do believe that it's okay to admit that we don't really know it all and that generally, everything happens for a reason and that the dots will all connect one day. 

We will never know if the choices and decisions we made will direct us to what we really want so we are basically all just clueless, really. But maybe that is what makes life exciting. Life will always give us a thousand probabilities and a thousand more possibilities and that is a fact. Add on endless experiences and infinite lessons that hopefully will help us find our way back if ever we get lost. As for me, I am always plagued with the question: What's next? To be quite frank, I really don't know. But accepting the unknown has brought me some of my life's greatest blessings and experiences... so regardless of what it is... I know it'll work out in the end.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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