Oct 12, 2014


Hello everyone! I am back to my favorite color: PINK for this outfit post, which I must say, was absolutely appropriate from The Clozette Ambassador's Afternoon Tea Party held at Commune over at H.V. Dela Costa Street which was exactly across the building I work in and spend most of my weekday afternoons in. It was a Saturday which meant no work so I decided to trade in my business attire for something more appropriate. The dress code called for Weekend Chic and I made sure to be situationally dressed and therefor sported this pale pink outfit. I committed to the color from head to toe, I must say.

Pink Polka Dot Sheer Top with Peter Pan Collar: Jessica
Pale Pink Vintage Chiffon Skirt: From my ballet days
Nude Stam Bag: Marc Jacobs
Pearls: Mikimoto 
Chiffon Lace-up Wisteria Wedges: Topshop
Cream Layered Stacked Watch: Shopaholic and Hubby

This outfit is also very significant since October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month--- if you didn't know that already. When I believe in an advocacy, I support it wholeheartedly and I think this one especially deserves some attention. The Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation is dedicated to providing support to people with this illness and also in doing research for finding a cure for this affliction. Today, October 13 also marks a very special day as it is NO BRA DAY. I know that all myths about how wearing a bra can cause cancer have been debunked and this day isn't about that but rather it is about how women are being asked to free their breasts for 24 hours all in the aid of raising awareness

In line with that, allow me to share that Clozette, as a fashion networking site, has also taken up this cause and advocacy. With that in mind, they have launched a PINK is POWER campaign which encourages everyone to support the cause by showing the power of pink... (Be creative now, it could be as simple as donning a pink ribbon to committing to all pink like I did but do post a photo of yourself with the hashtag #clozette #pinkispower #isupportbreastcancerawareness) Here is a more detailed account on how you can show your support: CLOZETTE x PINK IS POWER

Hope you can all support this cause and start snapping your photos!

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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