Oct 14, 2014

All Laced Up

If there is one fabric that I love, it would be embroidered lace. It is absolutely so intricate and delicate and of course definitely absolutely beautiful. I used to juxtapose lace with leather to make it have a somewhat tougher and edgy appeal or dress it down with a plain top to make it look more casual. However, on this day, I felt like I wanted to take a chance and commit, thus wearing an all lace on lace with tweed ensemble. As you know, I love neutrals and have been quite committed to it so here is yet another neutral look- this time in cream from top to toe. I love that I am growing up a bit more when it comes to my fashion choices. I find that I am growing to love elegant and sophisticated pieces and build an outfit from there. I think that as with most things, my fashion sense and style is also evolving and that's not a bad thing.

Tweed Cream Blazer: Zara (Also worn HERE)
Cream Embroidered Lace Blouse: Jessica
Cream Embroidered Lace Skirt: Forever 21 (Also worn HERE)
Birkin Bag: Hermes (Also worn HERE)
Rockstud Heels in Cream: Valentino (Also worn HERE)
South Sea Pearls: Mikimoto

If I were not an Executive Director for one of our companies, a blogger or a fashion designer, I know for sure that I would love to be an interior designer. I reckon I got it from my mother. My interests have actually surpassed branded clothes, designer bags and shoes and jewelry to furniture which I just absolutely love looking at and of course, investing in. I am one of those people who love staying at home which is why I make sure that since I am practically always spending time indoors, it might as well be a grand idea to make sure that my surroundings are furnished to perfection. More so, I am one of those people who just loves beautiful things and I think that it helps to be consistent. I have met many people who dress so well and present themselves so well in public. Unfortunately, this doesn't always apply to their private life and abode. I don't think that is a bad thing and respect everyone's preference. Personally though, I like making sure I have consistency in my life in all facets which is why I love adorning my home with lovely things. That day, I decided to give in to the visual pleasure I have long craved for and went to LRI Design Plaza in Nicanor Garcia Street which is super near my house to check out the lovely furniture on display and even if I was just browsing, it was very relaxing to indulge myself at how beautiful everything was around me. As I have said, this place is 2 minutes away from where I live but I never actually thought of going around. I was of course astonished at how something so near me and how a place I just pass around most of the time was filled with so many beautiful things.

Some people travel in quest for beautiful scenery. If you don't already know yet, that is not a privilege that is granted to me... even if I would want to so badly. However, when you go beyond what limits you and look around you- you might be surprised that there is something wonderful just around the corner. It is important to immerse yourself in these things especially when you are going through a rough patch...if anything, for your own sake and sanity. I think beautiful things surround us everyday and more importantly... everywhere and no matter what you are going through, it exists... it is present... it is yours... all you have to do is open your eyes. 

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

Taken at: Art Circle, Heima Store and Outdoor Solutions 
 210 Nicanor Garcia St., Bel-Air II
1209 Makati City, Philippines
For more information, visit their website HERE

xx, JL

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