Oct 20, 2014

Coral Story

This is one of my favorite dresses which I've had with me since Circa 2006 and it never fails me. I love it immensely as it is extremely flattering with the pleats and the halter-style neckline. More so, it is appropriate for day or night wear depending on how you accessorize and style it. I think aside from having an LBD, an LWD and a LRD... everyone should also have a few colorful dresses in their arsenal as it is a good investment and just like this dress you can wear it over and over again.

   Dress: Zara (Also worn HERE)
Red Blazer: Mango (Also worn HERE)
Luggage Coquelicot Bag: Celine
Ankle Strap Shoes: Zara

I wore this for a lovely breakfast with the foundation's scholars for which I am the Executive Director for and I need to see them regularly just to get updates of how they are doing and also to encourage them that they have my and the entire foundation's full support. It is a non-profit organization and while some people might say I should be head or CEO of some major corporation, I find being the Director of this foundation beyond fulfilling. The thing is, you see, the outside world tends to measure success and achievement on how much money and power one has. I see things differently. While it would have been easy for me to work in a company of my choice and climb the way perfectly paved for me in the corporate ladder, that's just not me. I don't think that would fulfill me and while I respect and regard to the utmost standard the corporate magnates, it is just not for me and I think the liberating thing about living in a modern world is that we all have choices and working in this foundation is my choice. 

I've been participating in the activities since 2011 (its conception) and a few years later, I do consider it as one of my "babies." I find that I am married to my job because I love doing it immensely and as they say, if you are passionate about what you do... you never have to work a day of your life. I am excited to be managing the day to day activities required, I regard our scholars as my "little siblings" and I can be their very strict "ate" and more so, I am excited for all the many different things I have planned for the future. This is what I encourage for everyone: do what you want to do and what you believe in. Refuse to measure yourself based on how much you earn or how many people you control. Aim higher and at the same time, it's always good to give back... we need more help for those deprived of so much in the society and when you immerse yourself with real life problems people actually deal with on a day to day basis, you may just realize that the problems like stress, back stabbing or what-not that we assume to be so monumental are actually so minute and insignificant. 

xx, JL

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