Jan 11, 2012

Wild Things

Leopard and Lace.
(Top: Zara | Accessories: Glimmer | Pants: Fashion Galore | Shoes: So Fab! | Bag: Marc Jacobs)

"With success always follows critics. Learn how to use negativity as a form of energy for positivity. Never give up on your passions and dreams."

I will not say anymore regarding the quote posted above except that it is something I live by and wish to share to other people who have dealt with their own share of negativity and still decided to go on and do what they do. Only the marvelous!

Anyway, I decided to wear pants on a hectic Sunday out to Rockwell which was essentially a jungle that day. It was so full and stressful (especially to find parking) that day since everyone decided to go there due to the mall wide Sale. But since it is a tradition for me and my brother to spend Sundays (mass + dinner) there, we braved the crowd and survived.

My accessories are stacked up necklaces from Glimmer which compliment the leopard details of my outfit to a tee--- Wore my chain leather Stam Bag as well

As for my trousers, I decided to heed to the call of the wild in this pair of leopard print trousers from Jam of Fashion Galore
I've been supporting this brand since 2006 and even got to model for them once!

My makeup is a mixture of brown tones in my eyes and MAC's Creme Sheen pale lipstick so as not to overpower the already busy look with the pants.

My shoes are a contrast to the animalistic theme of the look. I know it may be weird to pair lace with leopard but somehow it worked. I love this pair of wedges (which are almost heel-less) from
So Fab! Aren't they just divine? More so, they are light to wear (not at all heavy considering its a wedge) and are VERY VERY VERY COMFORTABLE TO WEAR!
A mixture of ULTIMATE Style and Comfort!

I credit D&G's sensual call to wild collection for the inspiration to get to wear this combination.

xx, JL

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