Jan 15, 2012

Back at the Barre

For those of you who do not know, I am complete and total fitness freak. Yes, I mix fashion and fitness as my top interests. It's weird, really but I have always been quite the gym rat. For this year, I decided to go back to Barre3 which I took a 4 month long hiatus from as I needed strength training and recently added TRX and Circuit Training to my list of activities. Since it's a new year, I decided to go back to the barre while maintaining my regular gym routine with my personal trainer, Benedict.

Last week was total FITNESS and SELF IMPROVEMENT WEEK for me. I went on the GM Diet and shed a good 8-10 lbs. and went to exercise EVERDAY. So far, it was MWF of Strength Training and TThSS of Barre3. Seven days straight of exercise! I never felt this good (or light) in my life. For Tuesday's Barre3 class, I decided to document my outfit and this was what I came up with...

Health Nut.
(Sweater: Topman- my brother's | Sports Bra and Jogging Pants: Adidas | Bag: Celine | Shoes: Yosi Samra | Sunglasses: Retro from the US)

I will always EMPHASIZE comfort over style and sass when working out. Fashion, of course, is your last concern when exercising. But then again, nothing, even a sweaty workout class is an excuse to be sloppy. So I invest in a few essentials which help me not fall into "Fashion Victim" category when I work out. Leave the worn out oversized shirts with holes in them at home and wear the appropriate gym attire, if you must!

My essentials include: wide rimmed sunnies especially for sunny days, an oversized cardigan or shirt to layer over your workout gear, easy to move in jogging pants and a sports bra that will allow maximum flexibility and won't constrain or limit movement. For a little bit of pizzazz, I like adding a scarf for effect but remove it when working out.

Normally, I would wear my Niker rubber shoes when hitting the gym but since this was Barre3 (where we do training in sticky socks), I opted for ballet flats. My favorite pair is my snakeskin Yosi Samra ballet flats as they are so comfortable.

I only use a dab of concealer and tinted moisturizer when working out. I also add on a bit of cheek tint (I have the classic pale face dilemma where I look like a ghost without color in my face without this) and lipstain. Also, I like to keep my hair in a tidy ponytail, hair bun or braids to make sure it stays out of my face.


Photos of Barre3:

I think this resolution board and resolution tree is so inspiring... a great way to start the year!

I just had to snap some shots before the class as I was early.
(The gym is the only place I am always early... talk about priorities!)

Doing some stretches before the class...

The Studio is World Class. Well-lit with a lot of space and mirrors so you can correct and check your posture at all times. It reminds me of a ballet studio, which makes sense since most exercises are very much ballet based.

The Wooden Bar- which is you best friend for the class!

The Essentials: Water Bottle (trust me, you'll need it), weights, the ball (for leg and core work) and the straps.


About Barre 3:

Where Ballet Barre meets Yoga and Pilates

Develop the length of a dancer
and the strength of an athlete
with our highly effective 60-minute workouts. Each class follows a thoughtful sequence for fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits.

The 3 in barre3 symbolizes balance, a core value of our business, practice and life. The classes are designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility. And, the company they are building is based on the notion that work is a balanced and integrated part of life.

barre3 is a revolutionary class that combines the grace of the ballet barre, the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. Set to music, this trans-formative 60-minute ballet barre workout improves balance, increases flexibility and enhances strength. Every second in this workout counts for fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits.

Created by fitness expert Sadie Lincoln, barre3 was borne out of her 20 years of teaching numerous exercise platforms. Sadie created this transformative class by combining the best of ballet barre work, yoga and Pilates into a unique sequence designed to balance the body.

For More Information:

Visit Barre3 Branches located in Rockwell, The Fort, Eastwood and Alabang or Click HERE

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Barre3 Philippines Official Website: http://www.barre3.com.ph/

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