Aug 29, 2010

Aye Aye Captain!

Ahoy Matey!

Feeling very nautical and sailor-ish so I decided to go with that and work an outfit with the theme. I stuck to blue, white and brown...which are one of my top color combinations since brown and blue always has a rugged preppy feel to it. Wore my hair up cause I had no time to style it (yet again) and basically added all the essentials: statement neckpiece, cinchwaist belt, tieup booties and headband in a similar shade.

My most favorite piece in this look is the neckpiece which my cousin, Kix made. She'll be coming up with a collection this September but check out her stuff at her Tumblr,

The design is called the Trinity necklace and its absolutely to die for.

Here's a short write up I found on why NAUTICAL will never go out of style! Thought I'd share to you all....

Nautical is nothing new, but there is something new in nautical. Every spring and summer blue and cream horizontal stripes crop up everywhere from the runway to the L.L. Bean Catalog. Women have enjoyed dressing like sailors since boating became recreational. So how have designers reinvented the trend this spring? Read on to see my inspirations for the outfit!


  1. You have styled this outfit perfectly and I have fallen in love with your boots xoxo

  2. Love the oufit! You look gorj :D

    xx, Channie

  3. Gorgeous outfit!
    Love the boots and the necklace is beautiful - your cousin is very talented!


  4. i lovee ur nauticall look !! :))
    n that bag is veryy cutee,,


  5. i love the nautical look and your necklace looks incredible! :)


  6. All riiiight! Nautical looks for the win! Haha :D

    A refreshingly basic look for you, JL-but with your signature touch of glam as always!

    Bea from A plus B

  7. you look so different in blue.. it's something new for me to see, actually... anyway, you look so nautical chic in here!

    Animated Confessions

  8. love your shoes!! and how blue your cardigan is! :)

  9. I really love this entry :) Nautical looks are fabulous :) you look so pretty.Tres Chic!


  10. all ur looks are fabulous!! come follow mexxo


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