Aug 16, 2010

The Sweetest Taboo

saturday night life.
back to the nightlife after being out of the party circuit. it's been a long time and i already forgot how a traditional night time outfit looked like.
so i had no choice but wear a flowy dress for a friend's birthday party since it was safe- rain or shine- and i was feeling somewhat boho that day.
i realized that a floral flowy dress is a good way to achieve an effortless fuss-free look for nights out...

i kept the look simple. as always, i wore layered studded cuffs to somehow contrast the earthy flowy printed vibe of the dress. added a chain necklace too since they dress was pretty low cut and backless and i wanted to be more conservative since i was watching a movie first. curled my hair to match the dress' shape and kept my makeup pink as ever to punch up the otherwise monochromatic black and white look. had a super fun time that night with friends and my outfit was quite perfect since it was a nice change, veering away from the
bodycon tight dresses meant for clubbing.


  1. love the dress - you're bringing sexy back! lol :))


  2. I love the dress- so dainty and sexy! :-)

  3. Gorgeous dress, I love the open back.

    xo Lynzy

  4. Wow...that dress is so lovely. I love the open back. I don't like that it's a straight cut though. It's so sharp compared to the front. I think it would look better if it was more drapey in the back. Oh well!

    Overall, I like the look :] Your outfits are always so interesting.


  5. loving the shoes but even more loving ur beautiful back! awesome!


  6. You're a doll, but with too much personality! Vai così!

  7. such a sexy feminine black dress!! great look as always, jl! :D

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  8. Love your shoes

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  9. sexy outfit! looks very hot on you.

  10. Sweet pics, I love that outfit. The dress is beautiful.


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