Aug 6, 2010

As Sweet As Candy

Revenge of the Nerds.
Punch up and glam up the nerdy glasses with an adorable pink, black and white outfit. Ruffles on ruffles and a pleated full skirt will always work. To complete the school girl look: wear Maryjanes with socks.

And it was all yellow...This yellow wall has been one of my favorite photo spots recently since it majorly highlights most of my cutesy lil' looks with its very bright hue. I love how it especially contrasts pink so I've been going back to it as much as I can. As usual, I love dressing nerdy and librarian-ish, probably because I have always always been a closet geek. I may not look it but trust me, I am...and a hardcore one at that since I was that annoying girl who loved recitation and volunteered for extra credit tasks. I was like the most GPA-conscious person back in my college days, it was crazy. I find it weird that this is the last thing that comes to mind when people meet me but I guess the whole getting dolled up/ I wear makeup and shop thing takes me off of the radar. After a while, it comes out though (with my Discovery Channel and Nat Geo marathons- the two channels I park my television in and prefer to watch over HBO or Star) and the ultimate conclusion of people who have gotten to know me quite well is how surprised they are at how much of a nerd I am. Somehow, fashion and nerdy weren't meant to be used in one sentence. I plan to change that, seriously!

I love this knit cardigan which is the pink version of that beige cardi I wore a few posts back which I got from Forever21. I just found the knit-chiffon-ruffle-pearl button combo so irresistable, I had to get the design in two colors. Since I already wore one shade, I went ahead for the other one since it looked to perfect for the outfit I had in mind. I wore this button down striped black and white blouse (which has a cute ruffled detail in the middle where the buttons are) with a pleated full miniskirt that I got from Topshop's most recent sale. Paired together on their own, the look lacked a punch of sass and pizzazz and this cardi was the perfect solution for that. I love the colors pink, black and white so much, I even made our store color's in those 3 shades combined to prove how much I am a fan of the mix. Since I was going to spend the entire day in the store, I decided to blend in and go along with the theme of the interior and walls. I went all they way with a pair of pink socks with patent Mary Janes, a bow hair clip I found at the SuperSale Bazaar last weekend and of course the nerd specs. Kept my purse simple, girly and cute. Punched it up with pink lips and I was set to rock out the day...nerd style!

I went to Rockwell after for the weekly Wednesday group gathering (me, my dad, my boyfriend and my brother) and I got so much "You look like a doll" comments that all I could reply was "Yeah, I get that a lot." It's probably the curled hair, doe eyes and nerdy schoolgirl -not to mention the socks and shoes combo- look but what the heck, I love dolls so I am so not complaining!

I had a pretty interesting day today as I met up with my really good friend Stephie but will save more on that for later so 'til the next post guys!


  1. awwwww.... this is such a cute outfit JL! i swear you're the only person i know who can pull off this look!!! love it

  2. This outfit is so cute. You look like a real life doll =X Adorable.


  3. Fab outfit as usual!

    I wanted to include you in my list of top 10 emerging influential blogs, but I was dismayed to find out that the nominee should be at least 3 months old. :(

    Well, you're very prolific and I'm sure you have a very good chance next year!

  4. This is too cute to be a nerdy outfit haha. I love your hair and the ruffles on your shirt + pink/black

  5. Hey JL! This is such a refreshingly sweet look from you. I'm used to you always having this signature element of fierce. :)

    It's fun to learn that you're actually a closet nerd. You definitely don't look like a typical one. Much respect to ya!

    B from A plus B

  6. darling...I LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE WOOOOONDERFULL *_*

  7. You totally got this look! There are no mistakes in your outfits, I never saw even one! You are fabulous! and it runs in your blood! :) I love the whole ensemble!

  8. Love the nerdy and fashionista all rolled into one! Those specs. Want. :D

  9. what a dollish outfit!

  10. I love your outfit.. So much colour! AMAZING.


  11. Joanna! you look freakin' adorable. Love it babes.

    xx Love & Aloha

  12. sweet look girl!;)

  13. awee! the pink socks looks adorable on you! just bought pink socks 2 weeks ago actuallY! styling for a shoot tomorrow will be using it for the first time. tehee I hope the model can pull it off like you did! :)

  14. You are so pretty and have amazing sytle. Love it.


  15. I love this look!

    I'm following.

  16. I love the sweet candy pop looks you pull off on this blog. Marvelous and astonishing!

  17. Loving the cute nerdy glasses!! and your pink socks! great choice of setting as well, this yellow wall makes a perfect clash :)

    Have a great weekend
    Margaux from BORO

  18. Much, much sweeter than candy babe. (;

  19. soso adorable!
    I could never pull off pink socks!

  20. too cute... love how you have no limits =)



  21. Loving your outfit.

    Please follow:

  22. love the whole outfit!
    the colours matches so well! love the top especially.
    Im going to follow your blog via bloglovin=)

    take a look at my blog too

  23. ADORABLE!!!! Totally following your blog now ^_^


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