Aug 5, 2010

Swimming through sick lullabies

Urban Cowgirl.
Nothing spells Western influence and rodeo more than a ruffled lacey skirt, a checkered rustic blouse and brown earthy tones.
(Blouse from British India, Skirt from a bazaar, Boots from Soule Phenomenon , Bel from Zara, Necklace from Fuddy Duddy
and Muse purse by YSL)

We may as well be transitioning into fall (aka. storm season back here in the Philippines) but I choose to live in denial with this summer’s day outfit inspired by D&G Spring Summer 2010 collection. I attached below the inspiration for the look. The cowgirl look has been one of my favorite S/S 2010 trends since it's just so refreshing and fun, a definite palette cleanser from all the glitter, sequins and metals that dominate the fashion runways for autumn. It's a return to all things easy, breezy and uncomplicated, definitely something I seriously miss when I go all out for studs and dark tones. I wore something similar to this about 2-3 months ago and I find myself coming back to it yet again despite the dark and gloomy weather. I guess a bit of bright and shiny never hurts anyone.

I wore this on a totally tiring Tuesday which involved a visit to my heart doctor and a fitting/ meeting at our store which is currently on a SOFT OPENING phase now. I love the ruffled chiffon and tulle skirt for the subtle sweetness it hints and I decided to pair it with a checkered blue and off-white blouse tied at the waist. The shirt was from when I was 11 years old which still magically fits me now... I guess I never really outgrew it. The cowboy and glam Farmville-inspired look was kep consistent by a brown studded belt which perfectly matched the focal point of my outfit: my new Sam Edelman-inspired Zoe boots from SOULE PHENOMENON which my friend and brand owner, Nicole, named after my blog, Only the Marvelous. She is the sweetest ever and I so love her for naming this pair after me since I love this design so much, I can wear it every single day. More so, it's brown which is a great break from the multitude of black shoes from my collection. I used my YSL Muse bag since it perfectly matched the brown of the shoes and bling-ed up with a drop necklace from a friend's accessory line. I kept other accessories rustic and fuss free with a brown leather studded cuff and a ring I mysteriously found amongst my jewelry . I don't know how it got there but it matched the look I was going for so I wore it anyway.

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I curled my hair, kept my makeup pale and natural as much as I could and I was good to go. It was a very productive day and I had a blast in this outfit! Check out Soule Phenomenon to get your pair on this seriously marvelous pair!


(Photo credit: Polyvore and


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  1. You look especially pretty in these photos JL! Super blooming. (: and yes, you totally nailed the D&G look! Ahh Soule Phenomenon has the best statement shoes. <3

  2. yout outfit is so your bag<3

  3. You look so adorable in that outfit! as always! :) love your version of dolce and gabbana! MORE POWER!

  4. Babe! Love how you soften the style of the edgy pair!

    Thank you thank you thank you!! =)

    Soule and I love you super!!

  5. Those shoes are AMAZING!!! In love..
    xo Lynzy

  6. as usual you rock this look dear! love the shoes!!!!!!

  7. pretty! and congrats on the new store! :)

  8.'re wooooooonderfull *_* Favolous skirt!!!

  9. your skin is so flawless... wicked cute outfit =)

    stop by =)

  10. YOU LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOO D&G....perfection!!!!!!!!!!!! You are gorgeous and your style is off the charts! Love your blog!!!!! Have a wicked summer!kisses
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  11. that's amazing!!! you have your own store na? coolness!!!

    looking fab in those shoes!! love the whole outfit! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. i love love love your outfit!:)

  13. awesome skirt!

  14. You're very pretty! I recognize you as digitaldaydream's (on DA) sister, right? Love your shoes!!!

    Her Soliloquies

  15. i like the way you wear your shirt, and your shoes!

  16. Oh I love you outfit!
    Your beautiful <3


  17. awww ang ganda sayo .. ovcors!! only d marvelouszzzz

  18. You seemed so familiar in your pictures and then when I finally scrolled to the end of this post, I realized why, you're one of the Gliteratti girls :) I love the clothes but never really had the money so yea :)) Hehehe.

    Love how you rock the outfit and I totally agree I'm still indenial with the weather but what can you do, that is how it is here. Love the shoes! :D

  19. you look so cute, your skirt is adorable! I'm so happy you have a blog! I'm following!

  20. Dang, this is an amazing look! Love the urban cowgirl outfit! You are so gorgeous.

  21. love ur style! i'm a new follower♥

  22. I love your outfit!!:)

  23. LOVE the plaid shirt paired with frilly girly pieces. and those boots are HOTT!

  24. i love your blog!! & this outfit!!


  25. love those shoes! Good luck with the store opening! I can't wait to open my own store one day with my brand! check it out at


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