Aug 14, 2010

I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw, I'm in the prime of my life

Friday the 13th outfit.
Surprisingly, the day and date most people avoid turned out pretty good to me.
I guess all the superstition is, well, just superstition. All that it takes to have a marvelous day is the right mindset and a positive outlook. I woke up and decided that this day was going to be a good one... and guess what... it was.

I wore a dark rocker outfit since I missed going back to my old punk ways. I guess all the pastels drowned out my tough and rough exterior. But then again, you can never take the rocking and rolling out of anyone, right? So to go back to my dark and broody outfits, I chose a loose tanktop from Topshop which has that I ♥ NYC print. I wore it with a liquid lame miniskirt and knee high socks + suede platform ankle booties which had the thigh high boot effect. It was pretty comfy and easy to wear especially since I had to work at the store on this day.

How I missed wearing top to toe black! How did everyone's Friday the 13th go?


  1. Amazing outfit!

    Love & hugs

  2. you do your makeup so well joanna!so pretty! loving the black ensemble :)

  3. OMG how awesome is this? Super LOVE! I actually like it even better with the gray wrap, it adds a very interesting element to the theme (:

  4. I am now following your blog!!! I love the darker outfit and you have Amazing taste in shoes:) My Friday the 13th went really swell hah.

  5. one rock and roll look after another!!! you look glamorous amidst the edgy outfit! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Super photos... love the vibrant colors! are you going to NYC for the Chictopia summit? I will =)


  7. love the outfit!stylish!


  8. Great Friday the 13th outfit! Nice mix of metal accessories with the black.

    I caught Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for my 13th; crazy,fun flick!


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