Jul 27, 2014

Fine China

Everyone always mistakes me for being either Japanese or Korean...save for some of my Chinese friends who actually assume I am Chinese and think I went to an all-girls Chinese school. I didn't and  don't consider myself Chinese even if my paternal grandmother migrated from China and my dad is practically 50% Chinese, which makes me about 35%. I take up after my father in the looks department so I understand why this is a common assumption and some readers do comment that I actually look more Chinese than Domz who is actually 50% and I have to remind them, Dominique is a cross-breed and her German features are much more prominent in the looks department. As for me, I'm all Asian and apparently did not inherit any Spanish trait from my mother's side in the physical department...not that I am complaining... since I love how I look. (And yes, it is http://www.mealready.com)

I have been to China a number of times and aside from inheriting Chinese features, I am proud to have also inherited another Chinese trait: having a penchant for business which benefits me greatly since I have decided, right out of college, to become my own boss. It was, I have to say, one of the smartest decisions I have made and I am glad to have been able to capitalize myself as a brand. That isn't a bad thing at all.

Confession: I do however, try to steer clear from red lipstick as I think it tends to overpower my already very Asian features. However, this day, I made an exception and I am glad I did as I discovered I looked quite nice in it. There's no harm in trying as you discover new things. 

My perfect red lipstick (in case you are curious): Mac Russian Red and Lime Crime SuedeBerry Gloss from Lannel Boutique

Cropped Cotton Top: Topshop
Striped Black and White Midi Pencil Skirt: Vince Kamuto
Red Rhinestone and Gold Necklace: Eighth Avenue (Also worn HERE)
Double Leather Limited Edition Satchel Bag: Prada
Strappy Cut-out Shoe-Boots: GoJane.com
Red Belt: Vintage Italian
Bead and Fabric Bracelets: Shopaholic and Hubby
Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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