Jul 16, 2014

Hair Mane-tenance: Macadamia Natural Oil

Ivana Trump once said, "Gorgeous hair is the best revenge," and despite everything I have learned about coping and dealing with things, I cannot help but agree with the ex-Mrs. Trump's statement. Think about it. Whenever women undergo a major life changing experience (ie. the breakdown of a relationship), the first thing they always tend to change is their hair style. It is has been a long standing question that I am sure bothered even the most brilliant of psychologists but this has been something that is such a natural phenomenon that survived from generation to generation. Even one of the key players in fashion, Coco Chanel, has been known to have said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life," and I guess when someone as  iconic and influential as she is is quoted to having said that, it would be hard to contradict. However, time and a roster of bad hair cuts and experimentation brought about by emotional experiences have taught me not to make such major changes and so I resolved that whenever I am feeling down, it would be a better alternative to treat my hair for treatment and to revitalize it. I mean, why change something that's already good, right? The best decision is instead to nourish and improve it. 

While I am very finicky about what products I use on my hair, I decided to take a giant leap and experience Macadamia Natural Oil, of course, I did some major research before jumping in and based on the rave reviews of people who tried it- not just here in the Philippines but also abroad, I decided this was an opportunity I definitely didn't want to pass out. So, I brought myself and my mane over to attend the Macadamia Muse Party and get to experience what Macadamia Natural Oil is all about... and what an experience it has been! As you know, I am someone who takes proper consideration on the endeavors I do take on and I knew that I wanted to give this a chance because aside from a treatment that my hair so desperately needed, I actually believed in the core values that the brand upholds. To start off, Macadamia Natural Oil believes beauty is in every shade, every texture, and every woman. The Macadamia Woman is globally minded, free spirited, authentic, independent and inclusionary. The brand believes that women should love who they are, stand in their truth, and indulge in the luxury of being yourself. This new rebranding fits perfectly with the Filipina woman, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. I was so proud to have been considered as a representative, I have to say.

To celebrate exactly that,  Macadamia Natural Oil Philippines celebrated Filipina beauty by inviting 40 of Manila’s top press people and bloggers, to relaunch the Macadamia Natural Oil products, with the Macadamia Muse Party, last June 18, 2014, at the Piandre Salon in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I had the best time getting myself pampered during the event and I am glad I didn't miss out on such a grand opportunity. Aside from being treated like a queen that day, I loved how accommodating everyone was- making sure I was doing well and getting the treatment and pampering I deserved. I was asked to enjoy the flavorful hor d'oeuvres being served before being whisked away to my transformation to becoming a Macadamia Muse. I was presented with three treatment options:
The Damaged No More Treatment was a combination of the Deep Repair and Healing Oil Treatment, a quick fix for hair that’s dry, damaged, and chemically processed. Many of the bloggers, whose hair had been considered dead for a long time, marveled at the results.

The I’m Salon Beautiful Treatment was also a big hit, as many of the guests availed of the ritual that included a sampling of the brand’s signature products: the Healing Oil Treatment, Flawless, and the Control Hairspray.

And lastly, the Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment focused on helping dry, coarse, unruly hair that might have lost its shine and elasticity.  

Since I am not a hair expert, it was nice to have a consultant present who evaluated my hair and recommended the treatment that would best suit the current situation my hair was in and I got to try out The Damaged No More Treatment which was, for lack of any better description, absolutely phenomenal. I absolutely loved the whole process and the staff of Piandre Salon were not only accommodating and helpful as I was surprised about how knowledgeable they were in the products since I was asking what was being used on me and what it was for every step of the way and I was satisfied with the answers they provided as I saw that not only were they vastly familiar with every product, they also actually believed in it which of course put me at ease.
Piandre Salon’s owner and CEO Rosalinda Francisco, along with Andrea Zulueta, president of Panzu, distributors of Macadamia Natural Oil in the Philippines, were there to welcome their guests. Macadamia Natural Oil Vice-president for the Asia Pacific, Scott Smith, was also on hand for the event. “Other beauty companies would just have an event, give the product samplers, and let the press figure it out,” Andrea said, “We wanted these beautiful women to experience the products fully.”

For the Macadamia Muse party, the Philippine team created special Macadamia Natural Oil rituals, that really focused on the different problems women had on a regular basis. While getting my treatment, i was able to speak with Mr. Scott Smith and the explanation he provided to me on why he believes in the brand and is very hands on in promoting it is that as a company “our goal is to become the go-to-brand to address the needs of men and women of every imaginable hair texture. We want you to know that we have the solutions to the problem hair." True to what he said, the products did indeed find solutions to my hair problems and I actually felt that this brand philosophy was something that was proven to be true as I went through the treatment.

Andrea couldn’t have chosen a better salon to hold it in. One of the most respected salon chains in the Philippines with 14 salons, Piandre Salon has developed a reputation for excellence, and dependability. Since 1987, the salon has consistently provided the ultimate in salon services to the beautiful people of Manila. In its new salon at the Fort, Piandre Salon continues that tradition. Sleek, chic, modern and luxurious at over 400 square meters, Piandre Salon BGC is a destination salon. Its staff are hair experts, trained all over the world, and awarded by the industry many times over. “Panzu is a great partner for us in the Philippine market,” Scott said and I was glad that one of his stopovers in promoting the brand was in the Philippines as he mentioned that he had an itinerary of promoting Macadamia Natural Oil in different countries. This made me absolutely happy because if anything, I think more people need to experience this for themselves.

For the event, this Piandre Salon was transformed into a Macadamia Natural Oil salon, all products, all interiors were decorated to fit the brand’s colors. Macadamia themed cupcakes, and cocktails were served during the event. Macadamia Hair Consultants also went around during the event, to try to figure which product and treatment would fit each guest perfectly.


“Everybody was raving about the product,” Drea said, “the press, the bloggers not only went home happy, some didn’t even wait for the treatment to be over, before they booked their next appointment.” True to point, I was one of the said people as I instantly booked my next salon appointment and treatment right then and there! I was convinced and astonished. The event was an extraordinary experience and I have absolutely no regrets in trying this one out, that's for sure. 

to try and figure out what product would fit each guest perfectly.
The Consensus: I am definitely trying this treatment again and again. I loved the results and I especially was amazed at how healthy and revitalized my hair felt after. Macadamia Natural Oil is definitely going to be part of the rituals I go through to get my hair mane-tained. 


Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

For those interested, here is a list of Macadamia Natural Oil Combos, perfect for the Macadamia woman who wants to get the FULL Macadamia Natural Oil experience.

Damaged No More Treatment 

Rejuvenating Shampoo + Deep Repair + Healing Oil Treatment

For the Macadamia Muse that has dry, damaged, and/or chemically processed hair, bring back your hair's natural shine and beauty, with the "Damaged No More Treatment"- a quick fix for your long time hair problems.

Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment 

Rejuvenating Shampoo + Nourishing Leave-In Treatment + Healing Oil Treatment

For the Macadamia Muse that has dry, coarse, unruly hair, that wants to bring back her lost shine and elasticity, the "Never Again Unruly Hair Treatment" is heaven-sent.

I'm Salon Beautiful Treatment

Flawless + Healing Oil Treatment + Control Hair Spray/Reviving Curl Cream

Whether you want big beautiful curls, or nice beautiful waves, the "I'm Salon Beautiful Treatment" is for the Macadamia Muse that wants heads to turn, salon ready means camera ready, beautiful all ways. 

Hot and Protected Treatment 

Rejuvenating Shampoo + No Tangle + Healing Oil Treatment

For those whose hair has undergone a lot of exposure to heat from the blow-dry or the heat from the iron, comes the "Hot and Protected Treatment," the perfect accessory to the sexiest of looks.  

 You guys can also experience the magic of Macadamia Natural Oil as I am giving away two (2) Macadamia gift packs. Just follow the mechanics below:
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Macadamia Natural Oil can also be found in the finest salons around the Philippines: Bench Fix Salon, David's Salon, Emphasis Salon, Hair Philosophie, Jesi Mendez, Jing Monis Salon, Profiles Salon, Salon de Laurel, Salon de Matt, STudio 28, Studio 546, Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell, Vivere Salon. 

For more information on Macadamia Natural Oil in the Philippines, you can visit our website at macadamiahair.com, or follow us on Instagram (@macadamiaphilippines) and Facebook (/macadamiaph).

For more information on Piandre Salon, please visit piandresalon.com. Piandre Salon BGC is in Two Parkade, 30th St. corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City.

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