Jul 31, 2014

New In: Fascinating New Things

I am always so awkward when it comes to receiving gifts (yes, it is a thing of mine since I was young as I was taught not to rely on freebies). However, I think it comes along with the perks of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger to try out new products and so far, here are my favorite ones...
Sunglasses. I am an absolute sunnies fiend and I have a three-layer drawer filled with sunglasses. I know I have a lot but I can not seem to get enough and well, these were just irresistible. These pop-art and modern-vintage sunglasses from Classique Apparel are just so cute and they frame my face perfectly.

This ombre pair of heart shaped sunnies from Wear Vintage were an absolute favorite especially when I was at the beach.

Makeup is always something I love and if you read my blog normally, you would know how much of a makeup enthusiast I am. I just learned the art of contouring (Kim Kardashian taught me) and blush application and these goodies from Enhance Cosmetics are the best tools to start with.

Since we are on the topic of skin, allow me to share two things. First, I love moisturizing. I have extremely dry skin which is why I apply lotion as much as I can through out my body. I especially love Nivea's lotion line as they are not greasy and are lightweight to wear.

Second revelation is that I am very finicky on hair on my body. I guess that's another way of saying: I don't like having any. Since shaving is such an arduous and not at all recommended way to get rid of body hair, I tried Strip It! Hair Removal Wax and instantly loved it! I am on my second pack and I love how fuss-free it is: no heating, all natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and very effective in terms of hair removal!

I blogged about this before but I have to say, I am a convert and love Maybelline's line of BB Creams! It's perfect and I have one of each for every occasion to wear!

Pink Outside the Box accessories are amazing. I have recently been into minimalist designs and they have given me amazing mineral designed chain necklaces and these awesome stainless chokers with very meaningful designs. I chose my own designs which you can do too and my absolute fave is the on that say "LIVE YOUR DREAM"... it is so very me!

Healthy living is a way of life for me and juicing is a lifestyle not just a cleanse for me. I've tried a variety of brands and as of now I am raving about Nourriture Juice since the taste is just absolutely divine... I almost feel like I am not juicing at all. More so, they were very considerate about my allergies to certain fruits and vegetables and took into consideration all these and gave me concoctions with ingredients I am allowed. Now isn't that just nice? The taste was so good and it was almost like candy...

Speaking of candy, I am still also raving about Sugarpova candies and my sweet tooth can't get enough of these treats!!!

Now let's move on to the more techie side (I am not techie at all but I love pretty things). Given that, people I am with notice I change my cellphone casing as frequent as I change my lipsticks and that is a lot. Which is why I really have quite a collection of cases. 

I especially love the class and elegant designs of Boxful of Accessories and I got my own Chanel-inspired and Hermes Clic-Clac inspired casing. It is so classy that my mom even sports one on her phone. I love this brand. I also cannot get over my Chanel perfume bottle case from a few months back that smells like Chanel No. 5 if you scratch and sniff the logo!

I also love the quirky and cute designs from Crowned Velvet and I especially love this ombre pink Chanel case (it matches my Nike Roshe Runs) and this McDonalds x Moschino inspired french fries case...it makes me hungry every time I look at it!

Lastly, HAIR MANE-tenance is important to me which is why I am proud to be a Macadamia Hair muse... I loved my take-home goodies and I am also holding a contest that expires at 12 mn tonight so you can win this entire package...do make sure to join that!

There you have it! These are a few of my favorite things and they are keeping me fashionable, well and primped to perfection!!! I do hope you check them out as they are amazing finds! Let me know how it goes!

xx, JL

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