Jul 9, 2014

Leather on Leather

A lot of people say that leather on leather is a fashion faux pas but as time and trends prove: in fashion, nothing is permanent- there are no rules and if there are, they are meant to be broken. Leather is one Autumn/Winter runway trend we cannot get enough of so it was bound to happen that double leather has appeared on fashion runways starting Fall 2013 and it is definitely carrying on to 2014 trends for the season. I never quite saw myself wearing double leather since it seemed to be too dominatrix, but, oh well, this isn't exactly the first time I am recanting my thoughts and words. Finding myself in a situation where I was donned in all leather proved that when it comes to style, one really can "never say never." The unpredictability of it all, I have to admit is what kind of excites me. What was a bigger shocker was that I actually had fun wearing this outfit and I didn't- in any way- feel constrained or bound which is what body hugging clothes usually do. Also, I was quite happy wearing this ensemble and finishing it off with a British graffiti themed spiked heels since I felt like I was going back to my rocker/ biker chic roots. I felt amazing and very ZZ Top meets AC/DC in this look and it's been awhile since I've dressed up in this style. I felt like I was back... ready to rock on!

Leather Corset with Underwire and Boning: Glitterati (Also worn HERE)
Red Ruched Uneven Hem Skirt: Go Jane.com
Black and White Clutch Bag: Celine
Spiked Heel Graffiti British Invasion Pumps: Go Jane.com
Long Spiked Silver Earrings: Max and Chloe
Chain Link Silver Anklet: Me Time Boutique

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

A Bootiful Sole: Stylish Ways to Wear Foldable Boots

Of all the types of boots in our closet, it is often our foldable rain boots that get the least attention. The reason for this is that we don’t know exactly what to do with them. To us, they’re boots to use when we’re drenched in the rain, nothing more, and nothing less.

However, with trends constantly evolving, Wellington boots (the most popular of all rain boots) are taking over the scene, making it not just functional, but fashionable as well

Keep it short. Changes in the weather in the country can make it extremely hot in the morning and extremely gloomy in the afternoon. The best way to remedy this is by not being afraid to pair your wellies with a pair of denim shorts. A perfect outfit for those breezy weekends, it’s cute and edgy at the same time.

Dress it up. Who says you can’t pair a dress with your boots? Partnering your wellies with a dress gives it the feminine touch it needs. Adding a light trench coat if the weather permits can also give it a runway-ready feel.

Experiment with color. Brighten up any day by going bold with your rain boot color choices. You can even pair it with a colorful outfit. Mix and match a playful ensemble that will surely make anyone who sees you smile.


 Wear it to the boardroom. Wear your rain boots with your favorite corporate wear when you don’t have any important meetings or events. This will not only making the commute from your office to the car easier when it’s raining, but it will also give you a sophisticated, edgy feel.

Keep it classic. One of the simplest and most sure-fire ways of pulling off your wellies is by wearing it with a pair of black skinny jeans, and a plain white polo shirt. It’s your wellies that will give this outfit the “oomph” it needs. 

Bringing Britain’s famous wellies to the Philippines is Butterfly Twists with their Windsor line, meant to brighten Manila with its bright colors. Long known for its comfortable flats, Butterfly Twists assures the same comfort in their boots. Co-founder Frank Eribo says, “Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also stylish. It’s perfect for those extremely gloomy days the rainy season brings.”

With the Butterfly Twists Windsor Boots, the rainy season just suddenly got exciting.

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