Jul 1, 2014

Sweater Weather

It's officially SWEATER WEATHER and while I have claimed that put me in a cold place and I am not a happy trooper but seasons come and go and the silver lining is that I am finally able to wear all my knits which have been in storage for quite some time now...I've no control over the climate and weather but I do have control on how to dress for it and this outfit is something I would call a "transitional outfit" as it is a balance and union of two seasons: the knit sweater signifying my welcoming of the rainy/ monsoon season and the pencil skirt with a very high slit as the somewhat summer vibe of the outfit. What can I do? I am not ready to give up the sun yet. I do have to give myself props since this is one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn and add to that the fact that I was carrying a very small bag (a rare thing that happens) and kitten heels which are flats + heels combined, which for me is kind of the best of both worlds combined.

I like the color red because it is elegant, classic and it brings out my very Asian features which I have a love-hate relationship with. Everyone commented on how a red was such a great color for me to wear and how it was refreshing especially with my aura... I don't quite understand it really but I reckon I have a fiery and warm personality which is in essence, the reason why turquoise jewelry does not look good on me unless there is amber or a touch of something earthy. Of course since I am OCPD, this was the perfect time to bring out the red lipstick and look like a covered up vamp-vixen. I absolutely love the incongruity of this look and how somehow I was still able to pull it off. Makeup and beauty products are something that I try to- as much as possible- integrate in my look. Actually, how my face is made up is in my opinion something I will not overlook... I consider it a part of my outfit which is why I try to make it consistent with my outfit for the day. I guess I just find comfort in making everything consistent- overall...which trust me...is not a bad thing at all.

Knit Long-Sleeved Oversize Sweater: Topshop 
 Red Pencil Skirt with High Slit: Details
Red Rhinestone and Gold Necklace: Eighth Avenue
Black and Red with Gold Chain Sling Bag: Chanel (also worn HERE)
Square Cut Diamond Earrings: My Collection
Rockstud Kitten Heel Shoes: also worn HERE
Assorted Rings: My Collection
Red Watch: Murano

A lot of people always ask me about my makeup, so for all you beauty and makeup junkies, I was able to achieve this red lip by layering MAC Viva Glam I over NYX Femme Lipstick and sealing it with Lime Crime Suede-Berry which I got from Lannel Boutique.

Straight Ash Brown Extensions from: STYLD. Hair Extensions
Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

I know it's summer in other parts of the world and as much as I wish it was still summer here, the best a girl can do is well, make a wishlist (and hope it comes true!) So here is my SheInside.com wishlist where I integrated some of my favorite S/S 2014 trends including Pastel Florals and Nautical and more.

I call this first set: GARDEN VARIETY

The second set is what I refer to as: ANCHORS AWAY

This set is what I refer to as: TANTALIZING TROPICS
 The second set is what I refer to as: Fit For A Queen

This set is called: LA VIE BOHEME

This set is called: GIRL ABOUT TOWN
And this one is called: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM

Note: All these products including shoes and accessories are available at SheInside.com and they ship directly to your door step. So no annoying customs fees.
And in other news, it is the End-of-Season SALE Everywhere and our favorite UK Street Clothing brand is on SALE in all of its branches so be sure to check that out. Enjoy shopping, dolls!

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