Jun 2, 2011

Before the worst...

With not much to lose but so much to gain

Leather jacket: Topshop | Tank: Topshop | Maxi skirt: Glitterati | Purse: Deuville Bag from Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Soule Phenomenon | Accessories: Glimmer

I was very much covered on a rainy Tuesday...I figured, the spontaneous rain showers and thunderstorms provided the perfect backdrop to premiere my brown leather jacket from Topshop which I finally finally got to wear. I was perpetually on the hunt for the perfect brown leather jacket. I found one which was great 2 months ago but it had a hood and I'm not that much into hoodies- I love the whole biker vibe so I'm happy I practiced patience, not impulse shopping, and waited for this one to come along. And it did! Good things come to those who hustle. I wore it as contrast to an all black outfit: my basic staple, a black tanktop and a semi-sheer chiffon skirt from my brand Glitterati's upcoming collection... I decided to wear the black version as it is a staple but this skirt also comes in a wide array of colors- yellow, purple, white and pink! Stay tuned for that as I am very excited to launch our Back to School collection. I paired it with layered bib necklaces, both from Glimmer by Glitterati which were a combination of a mirror bib and a wooden, studded beaded bib. Kept everything as simple as possible---but paired it with my Only the Marvelous Soule Phenomenon wedged boots which perfectly complimented the look. It was a bit darker than my usual summer staples... but I love it how well brown and black worked well together unexpectedly in this look.


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  1. thanks for greeting me on my birthday. really unexpected. i'm such a fan. hang in there and don't let these things get to you. you're worth more than the nasty things (way way way better i must say) said about you and in the end look who made herself a complete fool. just shows how great a person you are and what crappy personality she has. stay fab and pretty, and be the gorgeous doll you are na we all love. God bless you and your family. :))

  2. WOW! the necklace is soo amazing and love your dress too :D


  3. those shoes and accessories are just amazing :D

    there's more about the issue?? gawd.

  4. Hello favorite style icon :)you are truly blessed for having an awesome support system. This may be a difficult time for you and your friends, but this too shall pass. Know that we, your followers and readers are here for you :) (Although we can only get our messages across the computer screen)Hope you're feeling better :)

    P.S. I really hope to see you on the next Bloggers United ;)

    <3 Ana

  5. stay true to who you really are. never listen to other people, the only one you should listen to is yourself. the only thing that's really important is what you tell yourself about you. be your own bestfriend. :)

  6. is the skirt in your website? can't see it kasi.. i've been looking for a perfect maxi skirt pa naman :)


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