Jun 24, 2011

The Best Theory

(Sweater: Zara | White crisp shirt: Tyler | Velvet Ribbon (used as tie): DIY | Socks: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Nine West | Purse: LV Murakami Rita)

Everyone's gone back to school back here. Yes, along with the monsoon and tropical storms, students are trading in their swimsuit for school uniforms and their beach gear for books. I decided to be more "in theme" with the maddening crowd and dress appropriately for the mad season, in an absolutely preppy chic look which was quite so easy to pull off, considering this was one of my "lazy day" looks.

The basics of a preppy/geek chic outfit is a academic themed sweater (note the matching embroidered insignia) layered over a crisp button down top and a velvet ribbon which I personally created from a bunch of ribbons I own from my collection. Accented with some red bows and then added on a pair of socks + Mary Jane shoes (note the 2-inch minimum heel length)... very school appropriate, even the principal would approve.

PS: my brother called this look Sailor Moon-ish....I was going for Preppy School Girl!


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  1. That cardigan is SO co cute! love everything about it!

  2. lovin the indoor photos! :) cute sweater! :)

  3. So cute, I love your sweater! The little bow looks adorable as well! Love your blog! :)

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  4. Preppy school girl or sailor moon ish, cute nevertheless!


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