Jun 4, 2011

In this world, there's nothing more dangerous than the naked truth. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

People are people, we do what we do..then we gossip about it. Now some people could be more noble about it, but then the stories wouldn't be as good. That why we like gossip. Everyone gossips. We might as well admit it and be true to ourselves. I am not in anyway washing my hands by pretending I don't do it myself, because I do. The only thing that matters is how close to the truth we are. Everyone gossips, those who would say otherwise would be liars...but not everyone mocks, pokes fun and criticizes people who have done nothing to them. Not everyone pretends to be nice and saccharine sweet to you when secretly they bash and berate you, your family and friends and your actions behind your back. Not everyone creates stories from thin air and questions your merits, achievements, intellect and family background. Not everyone calls people "stupid" or a "freak" or "sexually confused." There's a fine line between gossiping and saying sordid, perverted tales invented from their own delusions then laughing about it with friends. There's a difference between repeating a story to friends and creating your own crazy stories and sharing it to other people, no matter how close you are. Nobody has the right to victimize people (however private it may have been) just because it's a past time or it makes them feel good about themselves. And nobody has the right to put people down for an ego boost or for entertainment purposes. See, there are some people who tell lies out of cruelty better than they do the truth.

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  1. Amen to that! Anyway, Hi JL! I don't think you remember me but I told you before from chictopia that you should write a book. I've been put down so many times before and I always look up to how graceful you handle conflicts like this (and of course the wittiness of the quotable quotes you write). You are a person with substance, you write things that I can relate to and it's not because you're "prolly still drunk" I wonder what would happen to that Lexy girl. She's a nobody now, sucks to be her. Keep on shining babe. Would love to meet you someday. xx D.


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