Jun 2, 2011

For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself.

An update on the scandal/ drama/ issue:

I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the "issue" aka "Lexi-gate" scandal that's been happening. As you all know, a fellow blogger we all though who was a "friend" has been bashing us privately to her friends and quite unexpectedly these conversations have ended up online. Screencaps were provided as evidence and the authenticity of the matter was validated when Lexi herself apologized for her facebook being hacked. She did not however explain nor apologize for her negative remarks, statements and comments which for the most part targeted my Woo Girls, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon and myself. I am sad because obviously, when you hear totally untrue and foul things being said about you, it definitely hits a nerve. On the bright side, I am also appreciative since I can feel the love and support of my blogger friends, readers and Chictopia fans. For all the well-wishes and the positive reinforcement to keep on going, you have made us all keep our head held high despite the tribulations. I have so much to be thankful for, so many people to thank, you know who you are and I love you all.

This isn't really the first time this happened to me, Lissa or to Patrish. As bloggers, we have accepted the fact that exposing certain parts of your life to the general public will definitely generate a few haters and people who will question, challenge and oppose our statements and choices. It's all part of the job, we know... and we knew that before getting into the whole scene. If I count the number of comments I get berating me on how I always seem to be dolled up, as if it was a bad thing, on my weight loss or on my makeup, I'd probably go stark raving mad. I just chose not to let it get to me because well, it's part of the whole scene.

Most of the time, I am labeled as a very bitchy person, at first glance. I know this because after being close to some people on a deeper level, they open up how my cheerful caring disposition surprised them as I give off this disapproving, "you can't just talk to me" vibe. This observation has been a common theme with both my guy and girl friends. I will admit being awkward and uncomfortable around people I just met but that is not because I am condescending, it's cause I'm really shy, and this is a trait my family knows about me since I learned how to socialize. Maybe it's the all dolled up look or the certain circle of trust I preserve with only a select few. Maybe its how me and my friends dress and whisper all the time (since Patricia and Lissa have also been getting the same remarks) but I can say, we are probably the warmest and nicest bunch of girls to get to know, well once you get the nerve to actually try. Which is why it hurt us that someone we let in can just bash us like that.

There have been more "bombs" that exploded tonight...things so foul they are unspeakable that even KarmaFashPolice decided not to divulge the info to the public as they were so damning, Lexi would probably be Public Enemy #1 if she did. I apprieciate KarmaFashPolice for NOT releasing these statements and screen caps as they are blasphemous, incriminating and hard core pure evil. If you knew what's been said, I think all doubt shall be cast aside that she might be the spawn of Satan. (I'm just saying.) I still don't hate her... I don't have room for my emotions for hate or anger as they are overshadowed by hurt over the betrayal, and that is quite a new feat esp. for me, who never backs down from a fight. I guess when I just have been hurt so much, I tend to crawl up my shell and hide.

I don't quite know how things will end up in this whole situation. I don't know if I can ever forgive the girl for what she has said about me, my family and my friends. All I know is that I am positive that Lissa, Patrish and I will come out the other end a little bruised, a little broken, a little humbled and hopefully, a whole lot smarter.

I still believe in happy endings.

Thanks to the ff people for the sweetest msgs. ever.... I have to give credit where credit is due so here it is.... I love you guys!!! I appreciate every single gesture. Seriously.

And from Twitter....


Lissa's official statement:

Patricia's official statement:



  1. We love you JL! :)

  2. Let the haters hate girl. I know it hurts coming from a friend, but this just means that they are jealous of you.

    Live Life in Style

  3. Hi! I don't think you're a bitchy person at all. I just started following your blog recently (for a few months now actually) and t dawned on me that you were the one who assisted me and my mom a few years back during one of the bazaars in Rockwell while I was shopping in Glitterati. You were really nice to me and my mom and practically to everyone. Stay strong and all the more reason to stay beautiful and all dolled up!

  4. omg i just saw this "issue" and i've read them all..

    i had my fair share of bashing behind my back.. and i know how awful it feels... so i understand what you girls are going through..

    i am a very huge fan of you JL and i myself loves to wear make up.. and i don't see anything wrong with wearing it in the beach and stuff..so i don't really understand why there are some people who gives a shit about how or where you'll wear it. i must say that if you can afford to buy top of the line cosmetics then be proud to wear it anytime anywhere.

    anyway, i am so proud of how you and the girls handled the issue. and all i can say about lexi is she's doomed. i immediately unfollowed her blog and chictopia.

    ive been a huge fan of you and your exquisite taste in fashion.. i know you will go through this gracefully.. :)

    xoxo, SoL


  5. Hey JL, I understand that Lexi was wrong on many levels, but a particular tweet of yours seemed to disturb me. :(

    "I feel bad for you... Heaven won't accept you.... and hell will be afraid to accept u cause u might take over. So where do you go? :'("

    I mean, yes you are hurting and yes this is nothing compared to what she said but you here are on your high horse saying you are taking the "high road" but are contradicting yourself by sending these tweets. Come on, isn't that a little harsh? Heaven won't accept Lexi? What about forgiveness and besides, who are you to say that? How far is this from bashing anyway?

    Again, yes, nothing compared to what she said and go ahead and retaliate with tweets like these, no problem with me. The thing is, you can't claim to take the high road and publicly say stuff like this. Pick one - publicly and indirectly bash her (another example - humorously quoting them about the whole "prolly still drunk" thing.. Not so much the high road too) or take the high road and be quiet about the whole thing already. Noone is forcing you to take whichever side, but do not be a hypocrite in this. You know that the real high road now is to completely shut up about it. :-)

    Thank you.

  6. PS. Katie is allowed to be angry at Lexi, but by making fun of her "hairy mole" (which for the record isnt hairy. I know Lex. Hahahaha) and even saying that the apology contains wrong grammar (which it isn't, both Lexi and I come from the same high school and college - I think we would know :) ) is doing the same thing. She's mad about one act but is fighting back with the same weapon. Hope you see my point as well. I'm not putting you down, I agree that you should feel betrayed and even angry. Pero wag naman ganito.

  7. Anonymous said...

    ...and even saying that the apology contains wrong grammar (which it isn't, both Lexi and I come from the same high school and college - I think we would know :) )...

    uh, are you sure you would know? :\ don't mean to be a warfreak or anything, but it won't do lexi any good to have people who don't know what they're talking about defend her.. :( try looking into the term "SYNTAX"

  8. Hardcore Lexi fan up above this message.

  9. Or maybe it's Lexi herself!! :))



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