Nov 24, 2014

Neon Autumn

We are entering the Dark Ages, my friend, but this time there were will be lots of neon, and screen savers, and street lighting.

Edward St. Aubyn, Lost For Words

I wore this stabilo themed ensemble  to a lovely dinner to celebrate my grandfather's birthday over at One Way, which is, I have to say- one of the best restaurants I have been to for so long. I was quite happy to have given the chance to attend this family affair because I am usually not invited due to the fact I might get exposed to some allergens from the food and that is a very problematic situation to be in. However, due to my insistent appeal to my mom, she finally gave in and invited me...and even if I did not necessarily get to stay in the private dining area and had to sit outside since there were a lot of things I wasn't allowed to be around... I was still happy to have been there. I guess my life is all about that lately... I prefer spending my time with my family and maintaining a close bond with them. Even if I wasn't entirely part of the entire night, I think it was nice to still grace my lolo with my presence to celebrate his birthday with love and endearment for him. After all, life's too short. 

Chartreuse Lace Sleeveless Cocktail Dress: J. Crew (similar here)
Lady Dior Bag in Cobalt Blue: Christian Dior
Swarovski Crusted Platform Pumps: So! Fab
Neon and Rhinestone Statement Necklace: Pretty Little Blings 
Silver Bracelet with Diamonds: Michael Kors
Gold with Blue Topaz Bangle: A Gift from my Brother-in-law (Also love these designs)

Photos by: Celyn

 Since I am into the entire dress phase, I wanted to wear something pretty and striking without being too garish and gaudy. Naturally, I wanted to to wear a dress- as I do on important dinners and this provided the perfect balance of the look I wanted to achieve. The dress was very tastefully done- the silhouette was classic and the embroidered lace added a elegance. Now for the fun you can see... I wore a very bright color version of this dress... in one of my favorite colors (that and Cobalt/ Electric Blue) as you can see in: Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, Outfit 4, and, Outfit 5 from the past. My lolo always loved bright colors, you see. (If you don't want to believe me, you should see him in his pink Lacoste shirt!!!) So in honor of him, Dominique, Katie and I all wore chartreuse because we are the terrific trio and wanted to match. To accessorize, I integrated electric blue as accents and as my accessories. I don't know what it is... but oddly, this color combination makes so much sense to me. I wore my cobalt blue Dior bag paired with crystal encrusted platform pumps to complete my entire outfit. (I am trying to wear my cobalt Lady Dior so many times since I don't want to ignore it when the electric blue Hermes Birkin which I had to order and will receive on the 1st week of December. Break-up Birkin? You might be thinking... that. But I prefer to call it my "I am glad to be still standing after everything that's happened to me" Birkin...which or course, makes all the more important. I am sure excited to get the bag and have been dreaming about it and I can't wait for it to arrive as I will be the happiest person as it is a gift I am giving to me for all the tough times I have gone through (this year alone) and to get to come back... Harder, Better, Faster...STRONGER. There are so much things to celebrate! This dress, in itself, is a party since I could be probably be spotted a 100 meters away because it was that bright. But I love it. When it comes to dressing up: Go Big or Go Home. Thankfully, because of all the components of the dress put together, I ended up not looking tasteless, too neon or over bright.

 That's it so far.. forgive me if this is a short post but I do hope you liked it.
If you're wondering what Katie and Domz wore, here's a lovely photo of us decked in Chartreuse. 
What do you think? Who wore the color better? Haha Just kidding... I am not competitive in that wat So hope you enjoyed the post and I hope I was able to inspire you that you can still work neon during the Fall season! Cheers!

xx, JL

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