Nov 13, 2014

Sweet Fantasy

I was fortunate enough to have been able to watch the Mariah Carey concert a week or so back and I was immensely happy that I didn't skip it as I was highly entertained and it was, of course, such a privilege to have been able to watch her belt out to her songs live. She truly was an extraordinary and talented performer and her voice range is simply out of this world. I spent the night watching it with my mom, dad and my FOSSIL Dominique and we were all so busy dancing and singing to the songs and of course taking over a thousand photos and videos so we can relive the moment over and over again. Since we were able to score seats in the best location of the arena, I decided I wanted to style it up a bit and veer away from my usual concert wear of graphic top, skinny jeans and heeled boots and instead wear a classic and clean crisp button down shirt with a black tulle maxi skirt. I was channeling Carolina Herrera, subconsciously, I think and that was not at all a bad thing since I think she is grace, elegance and class personified when it comes to personal style. I always have been a fan of how she is able to make the classic white shirt EVERYTHING and how she can simply style it up for different occasions- with my favorite look being for when she styles it with a skirt and beautiful accessories like in this photo here. I do hope I was able to give justice to my style inspiration with this ensemble.

Crisp White Button Down Shirt: Zara
Black Tulle Maxi Skirt: The Urban Hour
Brown Birkin Bag: Hermes
Animal Print Ballerina Flats: Jessica Simpson
Accessories: My Collection

So, as you can see with this outfit- it's back to tulle for me! I have always considered myself the Queen of All Things Tulle and Tutu and I think that holds true. My obsession with the fabric is endless and my flair to style it is absolutely limitless. Now, the title of Mariah Carey's Tour was The Elusive Chanteuse, chanteuse being the operative and most important word as it signifies someone who is very talented in singing. I may not exactly have the same talent and do not even come close to having her musical genius- even if sometimes, I do hold my own concerts which are captured by video by my beloved staff or sometimes by yours truly- because I think life is too short to be taken too seriously so I love poking fun at myself because that is just me... in reality and it is actually quite funny when I give my 110% in committing to singing a song. If you need an example, click this link HERE. Now wasn't that just absolutely self-deprecating? Granted, we have now established I can't sing and therefore am far from being a chanteuse... or elusive... (taking public video above into consideration). My lack of musical talent was evident since I was a kid and while my sister and cousins were having voice lessons since they had quite heavenly voices, I was enrolled in piano. Eventually, I decided to hang my hopes of having a musical career up and instead focused on one of the things I was very good at which was dancing. I was so deeply invested in dancing ballet when I was young and I loved everything about it- it taught me how to move with grace, poise and finesse and I am now actually happy that I was able to take up something I was really good at and was able to achieve in. This explains my love for anything ballet-related and why it has continued to be of great influence to me now that I am in my twenties. I still love tulle skirts and have quite a lot stocked up. I based by brand, Glitterati, with tulles and tutu skirts in mind which was what our brand was very much known for. So, as you can see, the ballerina thing never got out of my system even if I was no longer dancing... it still played a major role in my life and you can see it in this outfit where I took the commitment to pirouettes to another level and wore not just a tulle skirt but also a pair of animal print shoes that have almost all aspects of real ballet shoes incorporated in the design... including the toe-shoe flat edge and the garterized straps. Elusive Chanteuse? Probably not. Dedicated Danseuse? Definitely. Definitely En Pointe!

I do hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my outfit as much as I definitely enjoyed wearing it. I am happy to have been able to wear a tutu after such a long time but I find that when you really want to, you will find a way to make it appropriate for any situation like I was able to do for when I wore this one and now that I have woken up my inner danseuse: expect more tulle and tutu posts in the future...that's for sure.
xx, JL

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