Nov 6, 2014

An Ode to the Old Me

This is going to be a quick post but first let us bow our heads, close our eyes and reminisce to the time when I was 23 and could wear this outfit, rock it out and totally get away with it- fringed boots, sequined shirt, torn graphic sleeveless shirt included. I felt like I was stuck in a neutral, classic and clean whirl so I took things to another level and decked out in this. As you know, I only operate on extreme poles so when I committed to this outfit, boy, did I commit. Big time. So for no other reason than the fact that I missed going out in micro-mini and open side tank tops, here is this look. I won't lie. I didn't exactly feel as much as myself in this outfit more and I actually was quite more self conscious. I am 27...turning 28 in a few months and I think it is pretty acceptable that such a stand out and risque outfit would still make me feel weird. I never thought I would go through that, but here I am- doing exactly that which- is proof that truth and time truly changes things. As with our manners and behavior, so too with how we perceive the world. Deep down, I will always be that rocker chick but right now, partying (which is where I would have worn an outfit like this) isn't in any way a part of my life anymore. I love going out when the sun is still shining. The causes I so vehemently fight for have been everything to me and I doubt this is an acceptable outfit for that unless I want to channel the entire Rebel Without A Cause vibe which would be inappropriate as I am the Executive Director for a Scholarships foundation. There are so many things you realize when you hurdle into your late '20s and the things that I specifically love doing usually require button down tops, double or single breasted coats or blazers or a perfectly tailored business suit. A few days ago, I cleaned out my closet and with that, I let go of this ensemble and a lot more like this and decided that it was time for my retail branded clothes (some I have never worn) to find a new home where they would not be taken for granted or buried at the back of the closet. When I looked of all that remained after the 4-hour and counting long purge, I saw what remained and I was satisfied. Step 2 to my Breaking Free strategy.

Tiger Print Sleeveless Top: Forever 21
Gunmetal Gray Sequined Mini Skirt: Topshop
Fringed Shoes: Alexander Wang 
in honor of the Alexander Wang x H&M collab opening today which I didn't go to since it was not me anymore...
Motorcycle Bag with Silver Grommet: Balenciaga 

I read something about 27 things you learn when you turn 27 and it made so much sense to me. Particularly that part where building a career is vital at this age. I mean, seriously, it has been 5+ years since college and I think that the "I am still figuring things out" excuse is sounding pretty lame. I used to do a lot of clubbing and promoting back when I was about 19 years old which lasted until I turned 21, when me and my dad had a very serious talk on the path I want to pursue and how I have to let go of certain things that were once enjoyable to make way for better and brighter things. I was still unsure of certain things but now I fully know what I want to do and the potential I have and how much I can change the society I live in. I know people have made quite the careers as entrepreneurs or by climbing the corporate ladder and I always had utmost respect for these people because they are doing something I can't imagine myself doing. I admire their guts and work ethic. Since I was in college, I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to embark on  and instead it was  something related to the clinical and person to person aspect of my course. As with many things with life, everything didn't turn out to be how I planned due to external forces, however, I am mighty proud that I am able to rise against that and find a creative and fulfilling outlet which is what I do with our Scholarships Foundation. I saw a quote today that made so much sense to me and it went something like this, "There are people so poor... that the only thing they have is money." and for once in my life, I was so proud to call myself rich- with experiences, struggles, life lessons, loved ones and so many things that money can't buy and with that I consider myself blessed. 

So since I am closing this rocker and sassy rebellious dressing up part of my life, I invite you to visit my booth tomorrow (Friday) until Sunday at the World Trade Center and give these branded pieces which I love, hold on to dearly, used once or not at all but have to let go of and of course, give them a new home. It's a transitional thing and as I did change with these pieces of clothing on my back...perhaps so can you.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

See you there!

xx, JL

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