Nov 9, 2014

Folk Story

Before I forget, let me show you another Halloween costume I wore for my self-proclaimed favorite holiday which was actually the first of the two costumes I had worn (the second being the Ariana Grande one). For day time/ trick-or-treating, I decided ti wear this folk-themed costume. Of course, when someone wears something tribal, everyone automatically assumes that the look I was going for was that of Native Indian. I beg to differ. Aside from the fact I am very sensitive to the traditions and culture the native American Indians and therefore would refuse to wear a feathered tribal head dress as it is offensive to don the war bonnet as it sends a culturally inappropriate detail on Native costume. (Cue in Victoria's Secret Karlie Kloss-gate from 2012.) I know Halloween is all about fun but since I know better and did not want to offend, I decided to don a Nordic Warrior-inspired gear and decided to choose pink to make it more fun and less sensitive to anything historical. Besides, I think my FOSSIL Dominique already rocked the American Indian look in her Pocahontas costume from two Halloweens ago... Check out her look HERE and HERE. That explains the fur over the feathers and this interesting animal print wedged shoes from 37LA which matched my outfit and the feet cuffs so perfectly. I then full on committed and painted my face with makeup to make the look all the more on point. If you notice, I also posed quite fiercely which was quite a feat as I was on a ledge in heels... the things I do for Halloween...

Complete Costume: Ami Clubwear
Shoes: 37LA

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

What I love about this second costume option also known as my back-up costume which is a must is that I bought it online from the U.S. and it was shipped to me with all the accessories- head band, fur details and arm gloves included. I definitely had to plan in advance though as it always takes some time for online overseas orders to get through. Thankfully, this came on time. Do you now understand the extent of the effort I put into Halloween? Anyway, enough of the whole playing dress-up thing and back to normal wear and posts to come... that's for sure... Until next year that is! 

xx, JL

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