Nov 17, 2014

I Know Places

I apologize for the lack of updates since as you know... I've been taking my sweet time recuperating and I am glad to be back at full swing. A common misconception about bloggers is that we are always made up and dressed to the nines. I know for a fact that I take more time for what I wear than the average person but there are some days when you just want to wear a simple outfit and have it as it is. This was one of those days. This is probably as laid back as it will get for me... Plan white tee, boyfriend jeans and a blazer. Oh, and my new favorite flat shoes: my leopard Jessica Simpson ballet flats. Yes, I know, I am in flats and I find myself being in flats a lot since years of donning platforms, 6 inch (or more) heels or even heel-less "how can she even walk in those shoes" pairs, my back is having to pay for it. Upon the advisement of my doctors and my very strict parents: the lower the heels, the better. Now, I have to admit that I do not exactly follow that but rather considered it as a suggestion, tried it for a few days and went back to my high heel wearing ways. What can I say? Life's too short to wear boring shoes... (well granted these shoes are quite a statement but you get what I'm saying...)

V-Neck White Shirt: Perfect White Shirt
Boyfriend Jeans: Mango
Black Blazer: Zara
Brown Birkin Bag: Hermes
Leopard Print Ballerina Flats: Jessica Simpson

This was a very easy outfit to wear and since I had quite an early day when I wore it, I decided to just keep it simple and clean and as fuss-free as possible. It was a bit stressful as I hate not getting enough sleep but I am glad I still managed to color coordinate... at the very least. The good thing about my day was that I was able to find a place to de-stress and unwind. There is something about seeing the sea that calms me down. I am just really a water baby so I am glad that I know places (a lot of places here in Manila actually) where I can just drive by (well, at least have my driver drive me) and then have full view of the sea. I don't know what the reason is but seeing at the vastness before me calms me down significantly. Before the very stressful week that I was to face, it was a blessing that these places exist so near me because I am always practically a hop, skip and a week from clarity. And sometimes, in the face of everything happening, that's probably the best you can hope for.

xx, JL

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