Nov 27, 2014

The Girls Get Talking: An Intimate Afternoon with naFlora

“It's not very easy to grow up into a woman. We are always taught, almost bombarded, with ideals of what we should be at every age in our lives: "This is what you should wear at age twenty", "That is what you must act like at age twenty-five", "This is what you should be doing when you are seventeen." But amidst all the many voices that bark all these orders and set all of these ideals for girls today, there lacks the voice of assurance. There is no comfort and assurance. I want to be able to say, that there are four things admirable for a woman to be, at any age! Whether you are four or forty-four or nineteen! It's always wonderful to be elegant, it's always fashionable to have grace, it's always glamorous to be brave, and it's always important to own a delectable perfume! Yes, wearing a beautiful fragrance is in style at any age!” 

The past week, I had the privilege to be invited to a great and very educational event at Posh Nails in BGC which was hosted by naFlora. From the get go, I wasn't quite aware of what was going to happen but after the program... can I just say that I learned so much vital information that  I, as a woman, didn't know but how to. We had a lovely speaker who was a specialist in OB-Gyn and granted that THAT was her area of expertise, she was definitely the best person to consult and learn insight from. Her presentation and talk was entertaining and was not the usual "lecture" type as she was able to explain the importance of knowing that at certain ages, we need different kinds of feminine wash concentrations to maintain a healthy pH balance in every girl's private part. Well aside from that, she also explained some tips on how to take care of your body and on how certain lifestyles (ie., drinking, stress, smoking, medications) can have an effect on your reproductive system. She also debunked certain tips that we, being a very superstitious race, tend to believe in because that was what their grandmother's grandmother who said so. I am shocked how little people knew and how they have certain beliefs which are not only unhealthy but potentially dangerous. At my age (I am 27 years old), I am knowledgeable in human anatomy specifically the reproductive organ of a woman... however, I also realized that there was so much more I needed to learn which is why I am thankful that I was able to get some expert advice from a specialist. 

Of course, the emphasis of the exchange of information revolved around one major theme and it is that: Every woman is unique. Her feminine wash should be too. I never quite knew that, to be honest... but thankfully, naFlora was able to make me realize that and go against thinking a feminine was a feminine wash and can be used by women of every age. It certainly wasn't true. In line with that, we were presented the naFlora variants that were created each to suit a particular woman's feminine hygiene needs. I liked that the brand put an emphasis on specific care for women with specific needs and this was addressed through  the three variants: naFlora Protect, naFlora Restore and naFlora Moisture. Now before I get carried away, allow me to introduce and explain the purpose of each product line...
Here are the 3 different naFlora Feminine Wash Variants:

naFlora protect – for monthly periods and everyday use.  Formulated to help maintain and protect the natural flora. It has lactic acid and tea tree extract that prevent vaginal irritations and infections. It has a pH level of 3.5 to 4.5. 

naFlora restore – for post partum care and as an adjunct therapy to vaginal infection.  Specially formulated to help bring back a natural acidic environment and help relieve irritation usually experienced during vaginal infections. 

naFlora moisture – the only feminine wash specially formulated for mature women.  It has lactic acid, chamomile extract and additional moisturizers that help soothe and protect the feminine area against dryness and irritation. It has a pH level of 6.o to 7.5 

Now that we have gained knowledge and a wealth of experience from this event, it was time to indulge in every woman's favorite thing to do: pamper. We were each given the chance for a mani-pedi-foot spa treatment at the venue where the event took place while being served some food and drinks as well. I love the  place as it was very homey and girly...definitely the perfect place to introduce naFlora to us. At the end of the day, I feel like I was able to hit two birds with one stone (to put it figuratively) as not only did I get pretty nails and a relaxing spa experience but at the same time (and more importantly) I was able to go home with a new found appreciation for being a woman and of course gaining wealth through the knowledge that the naFlora team made us a part of.

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xx, JL

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