Nov 13, 2014

'Cause I remember every sunset...

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” 

- C. Joybell C.

I know that it is often something taken for granted especially by urban dwellers like me but the sun setting and the sun rising are two of the most wonderful sights to behold. I used to always love the sun rise since it signified a new day and I am all about new beginnings but now, I am also able to appreciate the sun as it sets and see it as a time to give thanks for the wonderful day that has gone by. As I get to experience full days and early nights, I find that my days are marked by when the sun comes up and when it comes down...each day culminating with a promise and ending with relief and satisfaction for being able to have survived the day. I know what other people would say: "that the sun rises and sets every single day and its absolutely free..." but just because it is something you know will happen for sure doesn't make it any less beautiful, important or worth watching. I rarely get to see the sun set in the open air because I usually leave the office far too late and a long time has probably elapsed by the time I get out and this is probably the reason why on days like these, when I can afford the opportunity to actually see it as it unfolds, I don't take it for granted. I watch in awe and wonder and it is very therapeutic. I've needed a lot of therapeutic things lately and there is nothing better to provide that than what is natural occurring in the world as we know it. It's nice to remember to be present in the now and also to me reminded that there are some things that don't require a hefty price tag that can take your breath away.

Embroidered Lace Navy Blue Blazer: Jessica (Also worn HERE)
Oversized Cream Button Down Shirt: Glitterati
Beige and White Ankle Strap Shoes: Zara
Navy Blue Studded Shorts: Zara (Also worn HERE)
Brown Birkin Bag: Hermes (Also worn HERE)

Now you might be wondering what the reason is for the navy blue and cream casual get-up- in shorts at that...Everyone who has read my blog long enough would know that these color are my favorite color combinations when I dress up. What is perplexing about this look is it is very laid back and (for lack of a better word for it) "chill." It was a weekday when I wore this outfit and I had taken the day off from work for a series of visits to my doctors (it is a monthly thing) and for that particular day I was dashing from appointment to the next- spending almost my whole day walking the aisle of the hospitals and waiting in line. Now, allow me to enlighten you that no matter how many years of the same old routine, one can never get used to having multiple check-ups in one day. It is tiring and dreary and it is also very taxing. Also, being in such a sterile and sanitized environment of white walls and fluorescent lighting isn't exactly my idea of a good day so given everything I went through that day, boy, was I exhausted. I needed a breath of fresh air. Luckily, it was part of my itinerary to participate in a short shoot which I had to sneak into my already busy day. I was ready to retire and call it a day but I am glad I didn't because even if it did take me five flights of stairs to go up to the studio where the shoot (which is for a very good cause by the way) was taking place, I was able to look around and enjoy the magnificent view in front of me. I actually paused and took my sweet time basking in the moment- watching the colors turn orange and purple and pink and as an effect, I felt all the burden of the hectic day that has gone by fade away. All because of that moment...that view that was before me. It is sometimes funny how life works out in that way. We try to plan vacations, sweet escapes and all things that translate to relaxation, decompression and de-stress-ing when really, all it takes is one short moment of clarity that can take your breath away. Magic can be found in stolen moments. I am glad I was able to find mine when I wore this ensemble and I do hope you find yours. 

xx, JL

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