Aug 19, 2014

The MANE Event: On Walking the Vitress Catwalk

I think that aside from showing your respect to people on gracing them with your presence on an event you have been invited to, dressing up appropriately plays a major role as well to show your respect. I am no stranger when it comes to etiquette and social graces... since I could remember, both my parents have exposed me in situations where proper manners were demanded. Decorum was always of utmost importance. I do know the functions of various flatware, I know to differentiate a champagne flute from a red wine glass, a white wine glass and a water goblet and I sure do know that a spiced terrine of foie gras is meant to be enjoyed in small quantities preferably with melba toast and not eaten like sandwich spread and placed whole in between a dinner roll. (Okay that was catty of me but I needed to reiterate...) But above and beyond table manners, my parents also taught me how dressing up and showing your host that you actually took time to get ready for their event and try to be on theme is one way to compliment them and also, to show them that you respect them enough to not just throw on the first thing you see in your closet and head out the door. I believe that this is something that some people take for granted but having been a hostess myself to events and dinners, trust me- it is a big deal when someone arrives appropriately dressed. It is a major compliment.

This explains why, despite all the things I have to think of and decide on throughout my day, I make it a point to put effort in dressing up for the events I do attend. If you have noticed, I don't really attend much, really but when I do, I try to be an appropriate guest and I request for a brief about the location, the program and the company so I can present myself in a suitable way and what I wear plays a vital role on that aspect. I really try to go all out and be presentable and on point... this of course applies to theme parties as well. The thing is, when I go to something, I think that being there doesn't just cut it out for me... I have to be really committed to being there so I dress up appropriately. This explains this outfit which I coordinated with my FOSSIL, Dominique to attend to the Vitress Catwalk Event in the Vitress colors. Okay, so it helps to have your own fashion brand and a staff of experienced sewers at your disposal to make your own outfit but just because you don't doesn't mean you can't try. If you have questions, feel free to ask me for pegs at my account and I will be more than willing to show you examples and give you tips.

Pants Suit Coordinated with Detachable Tafetta Skirt: Glitterati
Gold Bangles: Tiffany, Cartier, Charriol, BVLGARI
Caviar 2.55 Bag: Chanel
Black Pumps: So! Fab

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

For the Vitress event, I decided to wear my hair straight and had quite a hard time taming it that I had to exert effort to blow dry, set it and use a flat iron to make sure it was sleek and appropriately straight. Unfortunately, the wind decided not to cooperate with me that day and the breeze that was present as I was taking my photos made sure my hair wasn't as sleek and tamed the way I wanted it to be for the event. Thankfully, the Vitress event had a solution to that dilemma of mine as I was spazzing out over the fact that I was attending an event for one's tresses and there I was, wit my crowning glory unkempt and all over the place. The concept was: you get to walk a catwalk and a red carpet (and feel like a celebrity.)

Getting my Vitress Perfect Hair On!
Here I am taking a #HAIRFIE aftter walking the Vitress Catwalk!

As you begin the catwalk, there were about ten strong fans that would blow your hair to different directions of untamed (not that mine needed further unatming). In the middle of the catwalk was a Vitress station where you can pick your serum and then use it to tame your hair and as you run your hands through your hair with the product, almost instantly you can feel the transformation. The result: red carpet worthy hair and then you descend from the Vitress station to complete your catwalk... this time with every strand of your hair in place and with paparazzi all over to make you feel like a celebrity. Then you are encouraged to take your own #SELFIES on how gorgeous your hair has become, Vitressified. If you must know something about me, I have over 3,000 selfies of myself on my phone so adding on to that with perfect hair and my pretty pink outfit was definitely something I had no problem with at all.

My personal favorite variant is the Vitress Hair Polish. You see, my hair is exposed to many elements that may damage it:  hair coloring, constant blow drying, hair straightening or curling are examples. Well this finishing touch not only smell so good (it really does!)  but also it gives a glossy and silky shine for a sleek and healthy appearance. More than that, it also prevents hair breakage, split ends and damage! Talk about an all-in-one product!
Here is a stolen shot of my FOSSIL and I uploading our #HAIRFIEs for the night. The hardest part: choosing which one to post as we loved every single post-catwalk selfie we took!
The highlight of the event was the presentation of the brand's main endorser, Ms. Solenn Heusaff and the introduction of two new endorsers- fashionista and blogger, Ms. Kim Cam Jones and sports wonder girl and volleyball superstar Ms. Gretchen Ho.

It-girl Solenn Heusaff posing for the cameras as she walks down the Vitress Catwalk.
The Vitress Hair Solutions Brand Endorsers, Solenn, Kim and Gretchen, answering questions on their favorite Vitress products and experiences.

Gretchen’s Hair Tips: “With my active and on-the-go lifestyle, it’s very important to have a quick solution. On normal days, I apply the Vitress Sun Protect Hair Polish to protect my hair. When I have a game, I use the Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat to keep my baby hair in place with my ponytail. For shoots, the Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat keeps my hair shiny and healthy, too.”

Solenn’s Hair Tips: “I use the Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat, which I co-designed every day. After I shower and while my hair is damp, I put a small amount to make it easier to comb. Once my hair is dry, I add a few more drops to boost shine. I also apply it when my hair’s in a ponytail to hide the baby hair that sticks out.”
Kim’s Hair Tips: “Honestly, I prefer a low-key regime when it comes to my hair. After I wash my hair, I just warm a few drops of Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat in between my hands. It’s easy enough for me to do and it’s effective. It’s my secret weapon to keeping my hair sleek and in place. The bottles are the perfect size to throw in your handbag, too.”

It was a very well planned and put together event and the execution was flawless. I enjoyed being there immensely. The one thing more flawless than how it went was the guests' hair which were polished, protected and shiny, sleek and tamed to perfection! Of course, courtesy of Vitress!

Here are some more photos from the event!!!

The food was absolutely delicious!

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