Aug 31, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: On Getting Perfect Tops Online!

People always ask me about what my wardrobe essentials are. I already discussed how I find the Little Black Dress as an essential for every girl’s wardrobe. Now let me dive in to another closet essential: plain and classic tops. I cannot seem to get enough of them! Now shopping for the perfect top (which fits you perfectly- another requirement) is important because this will be the backbone of any outfit. The ways you can style it up or down is limitless. But getting access to such tops is a rare thing but when you do find it, you know and that’s when you start investing. I’ve been on the prowl for classic tops and shirts for the longest time and its either a hit or miss thing. Luckily, I was able to stumble upon women’s tops online from Metalicus, which is an online store that offers a wide array of classic pieces- from dresses to bottoms and knitwear, but my favorite section is the one featuring the wide selection of their tops, which are definitely an investment. Now I won’t lie- I am always wary when ordering online but I took the chance and got myself a piece and I was immediately sold upon wearing it. It fit me perfectly (and that is an understatement!)

It is definitely an investment and I know that I will be wearing this Metalicus sweater top endlessly because that is what you do when you get your hands on something that you don’t really chance upon. When I wore this and tried it out, I was absolutely happy on how everything looked absolutely perfect with any ensemble in my closet. It was definitely such a great investment piece and I am most definitely happy that I am getting my ROI because the ways I can style this is absolutely infinite! Now, if you noticed, I am a fan of classic basic tops in all colors (well, mostly, white, black and gray) and shapes although personally I find that I tend to lean towards the looser and less form-fitting ones because I don’t want to be too stocky and stuffy. Now, this is especially what I like about the top I got from Metalicus- the fit was just marvelous…and I do have to say that when I put my “Only the Marvelous” seal of approval to something, that means a lot because my blog is after all named Only The Marvelous and that is exactly what I stand for… anything sub-par just does not cut it out for me. For this particular top, I bought and am wearing the Braque L/S Loose Top which I have to say is the perfect all rounder. Made from the brand’s soft Merino blend with a scoop neck, batwing style sleeve and a dipped hem, it adds a gorgeous layer to any outfit. To prove exactly just that, I decided to take a gamble and wear it in a less conventional manner… with a frayed and fringed mesh dress (which extends down to the floor) which served as a skirt under the layer of the top. Now usually I would need a belt or something to pull the look together but since this top was just simply amazing- there was no need for that! The look was pulled off together quite well without having the need for further accessorizing (excessorizing). All I needed were these two pieces and I was good to go. I don’t know about you but if that doesn’t prove how flattering a piece is…then I don’t know what would. 

There are many ways that I can style this classic top and I cannot wait for all the endless possibilities! I know I took quite the risk on this one as it is very edgy, glamorous but in a rock star rebellious kind of way. I actually can’t believe I paired a classic and casual top with a delicate formal skirt, off set the formal vibe with a pair of studded combat boots and the look worked! It was like a fairy tale but in the Alice in Chains kind of way (amidst the backdrop of the amphitheater, the greens and my new found friend, Santino the horse.) This shot is very editorial, I must say but if I were to be in my own ranch and would be riding horses, this is definitely one outfit won’t mind saddling up in. I love horseback riding and I am quite good at it and I am lucky my four-legged friend cooperated with my outfit. Besides, I am not too prissy and don’t mind getting my boots dirty on some occasions. It’s just so enchanting…don’t you think? I am actually quite excited to be planning more outfits to show you the versatility and the importance on investing on this wardrobe staple. Aside from that, since it is tried and tested, I am not waiting for my next delivery of my orders from Metalicus and I cannot wait! Stay tuned for more Only The Marvelous x Metalicus collaboration outfits.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

 About Metalicus

Experimenting with stocking fabric in 1992, Melbourne designer Melma Hamersfeld transformed a stretchy piece of material into a bodywear concept that became the Metalicus fashion brand. 

In 2005 the PAS Group acquired Metalicus and it has since evolved to become a lifestyle brand known for its technical ingenuity that translates into designs with a pared back and modern aesthetic. 

From the headquarters in Melbourne Australia, the design team and pattern makers create styles that can be layered or worn as simple basics.

Fabric innovation is at the heart of what Metalicus does, and providing quality fabrications such as fine merino wool, organic cotton and luxurious blends is paramount.

Today Metalicus has over 30 standalone boutiques, 13 Myer Concessions and can be found at over 350 stockists in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

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