Aug 3, 2014

And all I wanted was the simple things... A simple kind of life

Less is the saying goes. With all the new minimalist take on fashion- one cannot help but beg the question: are we replacing fake clarity with real confusion? Of course, the "normcore" trend has been interpreted as a reaction to a fashion oversaturation resulting from ever faster-changing fashion trends. I do like to dress up and make myself very presentable most of the time but the norm-core trend isn't really something all too new to me because I reckon I have subconsciously been dressing that way on my "blah" days and I call it casual dressing. This outfit is an example. It is perhaps the most laid back outfit I have every posted yet. In a world where dressing laid back takes a lot of effort as it is now deemed as a fashion trend: a girl cannot help but be confused. Think about it.  However, I do believe in this: More is generally more, to contradict the cliche, but it isn't always intrinsically a good thing---if you do it all the time.

Embroidered Lace Sheer Top: The Sweet Cloth

Intimates: La Senza
Acid Wash Denim Shorts with Frayed Hem: Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Brown Hat: Aldo
Studded Beige "Man"-dals: Tonic
Beige Leather Purse: Queen Street Bags 

The thing is, when we think we have an answer, we stop looking for a solution and based on experience, that can actually cause more problems than admitting we are clueless or acknowledging that our current answer is not perfect (and is perhaps far from being so.) You see, doing something isn't always the best way to solve a problem. Simple solutions can seem inappropriate for complicated problems therefore doing nothing isn't an option. The urge to be seen to be doing something rather than taking time and actually fixing the problem is not just frustrating, it is counterproductive, expensive and dangerous. When face with a dilemma, I have to confess: there are times that we should just do nothing.

This is why I love the weekends and generally spend them in bed, hibernating and staying away from the hustle and bustle of things. For some people, it is a time to go all out and party their eyebrows off. There is nothing wrong with that at all and if that satisfies you, I think you should do it. Personally, I like snuggling in my bed, watching television and not thinking. The simplicity of weekend life is intoxicating. I realized that deep down, I am actually quite a simple person- just give me a four-poster bed, a quiet room and television and I am happy. I used to live my life the exact opposite way but I have never been content. I think the introvert in me was always protesting and wanting to break free. I like being able to have the kind of conversations that only happen with people who know you really well and don't judge you. I have no room for being in situations where you're all about pretenses. Those kinds of relationships never really appealed to me. I would rather just sleep until it is way too late then still being tired enough for  a nap which I don't feel guilty taking as it is time well spent rather than having to fake a way through a conversation. Life is beautiful when it is simplified. I like the peace and the quiet and I don't need to drown my thoughts with "tugz tugz tugz" sounds of a club as I have very deep and profound thoughts that need to be dealt with and heard without having to go deaf for the night. 

You see, we're either constantly chasing momentous occasions and enormous milestones, as if to proclaim, "Look, I am doing it. I am growing up and accomplishing things and becoming a loved, productive member of society!" Or, we are actually running away from them so quickly because we care convinced that anything remotely "normal" or "non-confrontational" or "simplistic" is the beginning of the end. Some people are afraid of just being. Most of us long for monumental moments that leaves us holding our breath because we are absolutely certain that the drama  is the only true measurement of love or commitment or success or growth. To reiterate: I have never been a "grand gestures" kind of girl. I am more into practical things and I would probably faint on impulse by such things. I don't need anything over-the-top. I am not a rose petals and candle light kind of girl. I'd prefer a bouquet of Stabilo highlighters which will I use and am really addicted to (best gift I have received ever!) and emergency lights (just in case, you know, since we're in the Philippines, the lights go off.) That probably makes me quite strange and unconventional to please but at least I am practical.

The thing with running after the grand gestures and the monumental events is that we're missing the bigger picture. We are missing what truly matters: that genuine compliment given for no other reason than to let you know that a) if you were trying it worked or b) if you weren't, you don't have to. It's about having routines or settling in a comfortable but not at all boring pattern. It is the absolute silence you can have with someone for absolutely no reason at all. I scoff at the momentous occasions and enormous milestones because I never forgot that it's also the little things that matter the most. True love, or perhaps a real relationship could only be found in the passionate intricacies of unrest and struggle and where happiness is being comfortable with just being and contentment is a sign of finally settling down. It took something very major happening to me, some continuous growing and an inevitably life-altering thing to ultimately make me appreciate the little things and how beautiful the simplicity of it all is. Enjoy every moment. It's time to stop taking things (most especially the little things) for granted. 

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Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL

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