Aug 26, 2014

On Bubbles, Baubles and Bliss

A lot of people ask me what happiness is. Personally, I want to tell them I don't have a clear cut definition for happiness because I think happiness isn't objective but rather relative. It varies from person to person and I think you have to go out and learn what that is for you. Of course, you will never learn what true happiness is without suffering... Pain is weird that way- it makes you realize all the good things you had and appreciate them. However, if you want me to paint you a picture of what happiness is... allow me to show you... because this set of photos shows me very happy... if not, in total bliss. I especially love taking this set of photos because it shows me casual, fuss-free, happy and well, to put it simply: just me.

I think that this Zara dress, bought Spring/Summer season circa 2006 is one of the best articles of clothing I have invested on because after eight years, it's still wearable and one of my most favorite long dresses. It's pixie-like, very delicate and almost fairy-ish which makes it perfect to wear anywhere but best worn at the beach or amongst plants... a garden-variety party of some sorts, perhaps? I had so much fun playing and shooting amidst the bubbles. I have to say, as childish as this may sound, bubbles still make me happy and I transform into a different state and I think this shows in these photos. I am more than willing to show you all a more natural side to me, it's a nice break from all the fierceness, but now, that I am blissfully unaware of the negative things in life, I think it's a good decision to smile... even if it's just for once in a while. What do you think?

White Dress with Blue and Green Flowers: ZARA (Also worn HERE)
Flower Crown: Anagon (Also worn HERE)

Happiness is ultimately the end-goal of everything we do. At least I would like to think so. It is why we pray, slave through days in the office, endure heartache, buy into trends and fads and move through the sometimes unbearable woes of everyday life... and of course, most of all, it's why we care so much about it all. It is also why we are so hurt when our lives don't turn out as what we had hoped they would be. Happiness is (and I would to think this as I am a recent and new optimist) the root of everything we desire. The problem of course starts to happen when we overlook and forget the fact that happiness is not an elusive and unattainable state of euphoria (this explains a lot of people dive into drug use and abuse and get addictions, I think...because of the unattainable "high") and we will chance and stumble upon it once our goal are fulfilled. Until then, we can distract and numb ourselves until we know when we are at that nonexistent state. I am lucky to have been able to figure out at an early age that happiness is a choice and that anyone is just as capable of experiencing it now.Yes, happiness is a choice and guess what: you can choose it right now. How did I do it, granted I fall on the more depressive end of the pole and am melancholic about almost anything that everything is a big deal for me, the answer is simple: I close my eyes and decide that today, I will be happy. It just happened really. I decided that today, I will be grateful for everything I have, and know that everything else I don't have: I don't really need as of now. See, the thing that we tend to forget, is that happiness is not contingent upon the next great thing we attain or accomplish. It's happened all too many times. Trust me. Based on my experience, I worked hard for something, I get it, and then the joy of having it fades...just like everything else I have and failed to realize I didn't care about. And then it is on to the next... I am assuming that I'll perhaps be happy once I have the next thing. It's always something to chase after. I personally think that we've been always wired that way: work toward being better, richer, thinner, prettier, happier. Now I am not saying that to aspire to be better is bad. In my opinion, the concept of growth is the purpose of existence. But perhaps it would not hurt if we made our next goal to be happy... not in 10 lbs less from now, not once we get into a relationship, not once  we are better. We can be happy... just now... just because we are alive, just because we are here and just because there's something in us that the world needs. It is all about knowing what the right thing is. It is just having the courage to do it. It is easy to sit in our misery and feel sorry for ourselves. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that getting anxious, neurotic and worried about something will change it. (Done that and been there.)

Have the courage to choose happiness.


Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL 

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