Apr 26, 2012

Packing for the beach...An OCPD's Guide


I am an extremely neurotic person. Add that with my OCD + OCPD + Control Freak tendencies, and you get the perfect example of the most organized person in the world. My lists are endless and my cleaning skills are extreme, I can probably host that show in Lifestyle Network, Clean House. I guess based on the descriptions, you are getting a clue on how my personality is and since I am going to the beach tomorrow--- my annual Labor Day Boracay Beach escapade, (It's my 9th straight year to go!), here are some helpful tips for packing for a beach vacay!!!! 

The first rule is... PLAN and PLAN ahead. Avoid being those spree packers who scramble around and stuff random items into their suitcase a night or hours before their trip. Planning enables you to optimize the space and items you bring, to not forget anything essential and  to avoid panic buying because you have no choice. As in any task in life, preparation is key.

Get Organized. I cant quite imagine how packing was possible before bag organizers and storage solutions were invented because I just love them so much!!! Packing cubes, which have come in different designs, sizes and forms offer you one common benefit: things that are supposed to be kept together are stored together. Be it accessories, clothing, shoes, lingerie or swimwear, having these handy inventions will save you time looking for your stuff. Aside from saving you space and keeping everything organized and well-kept, these packing lifesavers also help you in another more annoying and sad endeavor- repacking for when you return and unpacking when you get home. 

Handy tip: It doesn't have to be expensive to have a bag organizer. For smaller items like accessories, makeup and makeup brushes, I got my storage cubes from National Bookstore. The secret is that these are pencil cases (like what kids use and bring to school) and I found it so convenient and handy for stacking. All that aside, it cost me nothing much... a simple fabric pencil case can go from P29 - P79 only. Who said being organized was expensive?



1.  Pack more than one swimsuit.
This is what you will be wearing for the duration of your trip so make sure you have a wide selectionin different cuts, styles and occasions (night/ clubbing swimwear is gaining popularity). Choose styles that will flatter you and always consider how comfortable you will be in it, the fit and if you will truly use it.
(Below- Photo credit: Forever 21 Store Opening)

2. Pack swimsuit cover ups.
A swimsuit cover-up can come in many shapes and styles.  A t-shirt usually works fine for boys and men, and women can choose from a vest, cape, caftan and tunics, sundress, t-shirt and shorts, or a wrap.

3. Bring lots of sunscreen with your tanning oil.
I know, everyone wants that post beach tanned golden glow. But applying sunscreen won't prevent you from still getting that- it will just shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Also the goal is to be tanned- not lobster red right?

4. Remember flip flops, and cute beach sandals.
Women almost always remember to pack flip flops when they’re going to the beach. But for dressier occasions such as a fancy dinner or a party, you might need a pair of cute sandals to wear. Also if you have the Victoria Beckham syndrome like me (where my feet get blisters in flat sandals), a pair of earthy wedges would do the trick.

5. Sunglasses.
Of course.  Like there’s any way you could forget sunglasses and have to run to the nearest beach shack and pay a ridiculous amount of money for a crappy pair of sunglasses that don't even flatter you because you forgot yours at home.  Of course that wouldn’t happen to you. (Hint: Sarcasm heavily used here). I like to bring 3-5 of my favorite pairs for a week long trip.

6. Pack hats.
When you’re spending your vacation beach side, there will come a time when you want and/or need a break from the sun. 

7. Bring beach bags.
You don’t want to lug your suitcase down to the beach every day.  Bring a bag that can easily be cleaned when it gets filled with sand because no matter how hard you try, it will get filled with sand. Opt for those made from environment friendly materials- a woven bag, a canvas bag or a fabric tote would do.Don't forget to bring a ziplock/plastic bag for wet clothing. 

8.Make sure you have space for purchases.
If you’re headed to the beach, you will want to bring home a few souvenirs and knick knacks.  Bring a large ziplock bag or a plastic container to keep them safe on your trip home.

9. Bring snacks and water from home – or get it at the local grocery store.
Unless you’re staying at an all inclusive resort, it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks – or at least pick them up at a local grocery store when you get into town.  Sitting in the sun all day is draining and it’s important to stay hydrated.

10.  Pack your own beach towels.
Some hotels will have towels available for guests, but only if they are right on the beach.  Even then, they are usually itty bitty towels.  Bring your own.

11. Pack music and reading material, just in case.
On the off chance that you get some time to yourself on the beach, it’s nice to have an mp3 player and headphones close by.  And there are few things more relaxing than reading on the beach.

12. Remember to bring something to wear when you aren’t on the beach.
Now that you’ve loaded up 4 suitcases with your beach gear, remember that there’s a good chance you’ll have to put clothes on at some point during your vacation.  Bring something you can go out to eat in and make sure everyone has options available in case you decide to do something away from the beach one day (like, say, if it rains the entire time you’re there).

(Below- Photo credit: Forever 21 Store Opening)



 PS: Do not forget to EXCESSORIZE with hot summer accessories!

13. And don’t forget, memories may last forever...capturing them, on another hand is even better
Bring your camera! In this digital age, there is no excuse to document your travels. Be it a D-SLR, video camera, digital camera, Ipad, Iphone, tablet or cellphone- SNAP AWAY! Don't forget to have extra memory space and to pack your charger too!!!

14. Bring your vitamins, prescription medication and a first aid kit.
 Bring a girl scout never hurt anyone.

17. Do I have to tell you to bring underwear and a toothbrush?
Probably not.  On any vacation you go on you have your basic toiletries and necessities that you need to remember to pack, and the beach is no exception.

PS: Since I am kind of prissy, bringing along my own travel size hair iron and drier is an option.

Just make sure to throw in the beach specific extras – and enjoy your summer vacation!

I'll be blogging from Boracay starting tomorrow--or not if I'm having too much of a blast!

xx, JL

Photos by das.graphiker

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