Apr 9, 2012

Parisian Blogger's Pictorial Party and Contest: Only the Marvelous

Hey everyone! I recently attended a blogger pictorial party for Parisian Shoes and Bags and Accessories and I need a favor--- I need your votes! I hope you all can help me win and if I win I will be treating my readers to P20,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates! Here's a quick look at my profile and writeup...

I will be sharing more of the shoot via my blog (wait for more photos and Behind the Scenes shots with my fellow bloggers) very soon but if you can, do go on Facebook, search for the Parisian Shoes and Bags page or the Parisian Blogger App and VOTE away! The process is easy...trust me!

For Parisian Shoes and Bags Blogger Shoot, do vote for me via the Parisian Blogger App by clicking this link....

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGER: http://apps.facebook.com/parisianblogger/vote.php

My photo should be on the 2nd page, if you hover over using the right arrow...it's the 2nd photo in the first row...

.....and don't forget to click SHARE so you can help me promote! Leave your email and name by commenting on this blog entry once you vote and I will randomly choose the readers I will be treating with up to P20,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates (that is...if I win)!

Also, you can click this link to directly vote for me if you are already logged in on Facebook!


PS: Each user can vote up to 3x per day for their favorite bloggers!

The more votes, the merrier!

Thanks so much in advance! Much love!

Vote for my co-bloggers as well! I love them all and adore each of their individual styles. For our page here's a group shot of myself with Cheyser, Ingrid, Krissy and Lissa...

xx, JL

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