Apr 3, 2012

Exploring New Possibilities in Boracay with Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky.

Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky. to Launch in Nuevo Sol, Boracay

Exploring New Possibilities in Boracay with Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky.

Hyundai, in collaboration with Powerhour, takesthe youth to Boracay with the hottest event of the season—Nuevo Sol, happening on April 12, in Station One, Boracay.Inspired by the rising sun which brings new possibilities every single day, Nuevo Solwill be the venue launch of the muchawaited Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky., a roster of exciting adventures that will empower the youth to create new things, energize them to dare the extreme, and encourage them to share their ideas through the torch of new thinking and new possibilities.

Designed to engage the innovative, daring and outspoken youth, Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky.will open up new possibilities this2012 and enable them to create something new, dare the extreme, break convention and squeeze more out of life. Hyundai Sand.Sea.Skywill joinyoung individuals in their uniquepassions so theycan explore new possibilities every day. Ultimately, Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky.will give the youth the freedom to be who they truly are.

Nuevo Solalso marks the start of Hyundai’s commitment to join the youth by collaborating with Powerhour, a team of young, innovative and passionate individuals who create groundbreakingevents to express their creativity and ingenuity.

Nuevo Sol will brighten up the Boracay beachfront with two parties: EONIC Sessions and EONICParty. Starting on April 12 at 11 AM to 3AM, Hyundai and Powerhourwill create hype along theBoracay shores withexciting activities such as beachfront sports that will energize the daring; live acoustic music, fire poi dancing and dance party that will empower the innovative; open mic sessions that will surelyencourage the outspoken to share in the fun; as well as freebies and lots of chill time with friends. Get ready for Nuevo Sol’s midnight highlight showcasing thesand model of the Hyundai EON – a carthat empowersthem to movE ON, groovE ON, drivE ON and livE ON.

Catch Nuevo Sol as it launches Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky.at the White House Beachfront, Sur Boracay and Club Parawin Station One, Boracay. Join the celebration and get beach shirts and shot glasses, compliments from Hyundai and Powerhour.

Create new things. Dare the Extreme. Speak your mind. With Hyundai Sand.Sea.Sky., Explore New Possibilities.

For more information, like them on at www.facebook.com/hyundaisandseasky

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